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Roadliner: A new reference for road transport

Launched in 2013, the TETRALINER range is extended with the arrival of a new model. Called “ROADLINER”, it is based on technical features optimising the efficiency, safety and comfort on the road, while being an ideal partner to help contractors and farmers facing even longer journeys.


Nowadays, the slurry transport chain becomes increasingly important, both for contractors and operators of biogas plants, or farmers conveying the liquids to the spreading area. Since the distances between the storage location and the spreading areas are indeed becoming even longer, an optimal management of these works is more than ever necessary to reach the best performances. It is with this in mind that the JOSKIN group, specialized in the transportation of livestock manure, has added a model mainly meeting the road needs to its Tetraliner range: the ROADLINER.

Optimal Road Comfort

Like some other TETRALINER models from the range, the ROADLINER is fitted with a Dolly system made of an axle on turntable (Ø 974 mm) that is directly integrated in the tank. The weight transfer from the Dolly to the tractor, combined with standard air brakes, allows to reach maximal safety during the journeys, even at high speed or on hilly grounds. The presence of baffles in the tank further reinforces this quality.

Regarding comfort, and even if the TETRALINER has already proven its worth in this regard, the ROADLINER goes one step further by integrating BPW axles with air suspension. This suspension type, which can be found on most semitrailers and trucks in the world, is a first-choice reference in this case, both for its reliability and maintenance ease as for its performances. Thanks to it, the compensation of the tanker weight is significantly improved; the vehicle horizontality remains constant, shocks are better absorbed and road holding capacities are also improved. Given these features, this new model in the range is the ideal implement for longer journeys.

For a Maximum Productivity

The design of the ROADLINER was studied to meet the even higher needs in terms of profitability. Thanks to its Dolly, it indeed allows a total load up to 34 t (i.e. max. 10 t on each axle and a 4-t max. weight on the eyelet depending on the tractor type), which makes every journey more profitable.

Next to the first axle on turntable, this model is also standard fitted with a fixed axle and a fast-type rear free steering axle (with DA hydraulic locking system), which allows, e.g. in Germany, to register the vehicle in the 60-km/h category! They can be fitted with road tyres (400R22.5), but also with wider 560/60R22.5 tyres with many different profiles in order to adapt the tanker to any kind of terrains and conditions. Regarding pumping, a MEC8000/D vacuum pump is part of the standard equipment. Since it is located in the V-shaped drawbar, it is properly protected while turning or driving on an uneven ground, but it remains available for an easy maintenance. It is then possible to fill and empty in a multifunctional way. Vacuum pumps with a higher capacity, as well as various filling tools (turbo-filler, left/right filling arm, rear funnel, etc.) and a 8" unloading arm, are also available as an option in order to further increase the multifunctionality and autonomy of the vehicle.

With 4 available capacities (21,000 l, 23,500 l, 26,000 l and 28,000 l), the Roadliner will certainly meet all needs. And there is more good news: an Advantage version, produced in series, is already available. It is a full-option 26,000-l tanker at an unbeatable price, which allows as many people as possible to acquire this new JOSKIN transport reference!

Source: Ets. JOSKIN S.A.