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ROXOR showcases performance and productivity at World of Concrete 2020

ROXOR is getting to work with the Mahindra ROXOR Mission: Ready Challenge at World of Concrete 2020 in the Bronze-Lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center. For the Mahindra ROXOR Mission: Ready Challenge participants will take a drive on the ROXOR demo track and perform two different tasks with Hilti tools. The first task will be to cross-cut lumber using a Hilti SC 60W- A36 Worm Drive Saw and the second task will be Break the Wall using the World’s First Cordless Breaker Hilti TE 500-A36. The Challenge will continue throughout the week while as contestants demonstrate how contractors can achieve productivity by combining the qualities of the ROXOR off-road vehicle and tools to complete common construction tasks. Are you up for the challenge?

Outside of the ROXOR booth and the Mahindra ROXOR Mission: Ready Challenge, ROXORs will be displayed at the SPECMIX Booth in the Bronze Lot #B50540 as the 2nd place prize for the SPECMIX 500 that will take place on Wednesday, February 5. A ROXOR is also available as a raffle item at the Concrete Industry Management (CIM) booth #NL15. A ROXOR outfitted with Hilti Tools will be on display at the Hilti Tools booth #O30700.

A perfect blend of old school simplicity and current technology, ROXOR will fit well into any construction fleet! Be sure to check out how we get to work in the Bronze Lot – Booth #B50504 and register for the Mission: Ready Challenge to test out the vehicle while performing tasks with Hilti tools.

Source: ROXOR