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RTH 6.46 SH

RTH 6.46 SH, with its astonishing maximum working height of 46 m, this model is the highest rotating telehandler in the world. This model will be introduced for the first time in the European Market for Intermat 2018.


Thanks to the materials used, the optimization of weights and dimensions compared to the performance and the design of the machine itself, we achieved to create this innovative model that, for its maximum capacity at the maximum height of 2.5 ton at 46 m, can be compared to a 50 ton crane, but keeps the flexibility of a 3 in 1 machine besides being lighter and more compact. For this model we expect to have a good level of sales in vertical developing construction markets, like USA, or when a long reach is needed, since at its max range of 33,5 m has a capacity of 200kg.

All cab comfort and standards will be standard as they are common to all of our RTH range:

  • Rotation 360°

  • standard air conditioning

  • pressurized cab with inlet air filtration 100%

  • Touch screen display with integrated diagnostics

  • Electrical system in CAN BUS

  • Hydraulic Load Sensing Circuit (350 bar)

  • Automatic Attachments Recognition

  • Automatic leveling

This model will be equipped with Mercedes Engine - 170 kW / 231 hp.

The versatility, undeniable feature of rotating telehandler, is guaranteed also for this model, which can perform 3 different main functions:

  • telescopic handler if equipped with forks

  • access platform if equipped with basket

  • crane if equipped with a winch or with a winch with winch.