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Seeger Rental receives delivery of two of the first hybrid Genie® Z ®-45 FE boom lifts in Germany

Genie® Z ®-45 FE boom lifts
Genie (Terex Aerial Work Platforms) Europe
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Genie® Z ®-45 FE boom lifts

IMAGE SOURCE: Terex Aerial Work Platforms

Genie hybrid technology — an ideal addition to a mid-sized boom mix 


Longstanding Genie customer Seeger Rental, based in Nagold near Stuttgart, has just received delivery of two of Germany’s first hybrid Genie® Z ®-45 FE hybrid boom lifts. Adding to the three Genie Z-60 FE hybrid units it already owns, Seeger is expecting this new delivery to further expand the field of application of its mixed mid-sized boom offering. 

Designed using the same hybrid technology as the Genie Z-60 FE model, the new Genie Z-45 FE boom lift offers two modes of operation (diesel or electric) to combine powerful 4WD performance with a working height of 15.92 m (51 ft 8 in), a maximum horizontal outreach of 6.94 m (22 ft 9 in) and an up-and-over reach of 7.50 m (24 ft 7 in). A 1.52 m (5 ft) articulating jib with a 135° vertical rotation provides the ability to position workers accurately. With increased productivity in mind, the Genie Z-45 FE boom notably features 300 kg (660 lb) lift capacity unrestricted. Key applications include contract work in inner city and pedestrian zones, general construction, airports, manufacturing plants, warehouses, museums, convention centres and malls. 

Getting the right mix 

Karlheinz Seeger, owner and managing director, Seeger GmbH says, “Offering the right mix of machines in our rental fleet is a key focus. The specifications of the new Genie Z-45 FE boom convinced us as we always aim to provide our customers with precisely the right machine for the job.” He adds, “With this in mind, we are now seeing increasing demand from end users for environment-friendly solutions. The addition of our two new Genie Z-45 FE hybrid booms complements our 16 to 20 m boom line to adapt to an even broader field of applications to meet our customer’s needs. This particular model’s 300 kg (660 lb) lift capacity is a real plus.” 

Mr. Seeger continues “The choice of business opportunities provided by these new Genie Z-45 FE hybrid models is wide. Examples range from warehouse and industrial construction in the 16 m working height range when 300 kg lift capacity is a must-have to many more.” 

Regarding key applications for its two new Genie Z-45 FE booms, according to Mr. Seeger, “In the past, customers would have rented a diesel machine. However, they now find that with Genie hybrid boom lifts they can combine the advantages of the latest fuel-electric technology to achieve the power performance they need to work productively and comply with their customers’ demands.

“From shops in pedestrian zones that want to renovate their facades or have their windows cleaned, but do not want to go for scaffolding or perturb people due to noise and exhaust fumes, to schools that need work done without causing disturbance and polluting the air, these Genie hybrid solutions are ideal,” he explains. “And when end-users are satisfied, they come back!” 

Genie Z-booms – an excellent track record and low maintenance costs 

In addition to its hybrid Genie FE models, Seeger’s rental fleet counts a majority of Genie models, among which include Genie Xtra Capacity™ Z-45 XC™ models, that are well suited to steel construction and industrial applications, as well as Genie Z-45/25 J DC electric models for jobs where quiet, zero-emissions operation is paramount. “We are extremely satisfied with the quality of our articulating Genie Z-booms in general,” says Mr. Seeger. “Genie diesel articulating booms are as solid as rocks and their electric equivalents work flawlessly. This means that rates of utilization are high and maintenance costs are very low making them a profitable investment.” 

The future of hybrid? 

Comparing its new hybrid models with the other earlier Genie models that the company owns, Mr. Seeger says, “There is of course more technology involved with hybrid, and durability is a key factor. In terms of profitability, if our Genie hybrid units work out to be as reliable as their earlier Genie articulating boom models, given the rate of end-user demand, there is no doubt that we will continue to move with current trends and invest in more ‘green Genie machines’ in the future.” 

Source: Terex Aerial Work Platforms

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