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Self-propelled beet harvesters enhanced further

The six, eight and nine row self-propelled beet harvesters from the REXOR series will be equipped with several new, performance enhancing features from 2017 onwards.

Relief for the driver


The REXOR with a 22-30 tonne bunker is fitted with Speedtronic as standard, which depending on the load will automatically alter the speed of the cleaning turbines and the ring elevator. Speedtronic allows for the separating system to operate at a lower speed, thus offering more protection to the crop as well as reducing the chances of a blockage occurring. In addition, Speedtronic responds automatically when a more rigorous cleaning process is required minimizing damage to the crop. The operator no longer has to adjust this manually and therefore this allows more comfort and concentration on other areas. To enhance the flow of beet through the machine, the REXOR has been fitted with new, improved tines on the cleaning turbines.

Higher Throughput

For an enhanced crop flow, the tines on the cleaning turbines have been improved for all REXOR machines. As a result higher throughput is achieved as well as gentler handling of the crop.

Gentle Unloading

The unloading elevator on the REXOR can be fitted with an additional kink (optional extra) to place the machines centre of gravity more centrally as well as protecting the crop from damages. This also makes transporting the machine easier as it decreases the height, ideal for maneuvering under powerlines or low hanging branches.

The most diverse in the market

In terms of defoliating and extracting beet there are many different needs to be met for customers worldwide. GRIMME offers customers the most comprehensive and diverse selection of parts in the market. Especially noteworthy are the different defoliating systems: the unique multi topper with a so called "minimal scalper unit" and the defoliator of the FM-series.

The multi topper also removes dry, low lying beet leaves, as well as gently removing remnants near the top of the crop. The FM comes without a beet scalper, therefore reducing the number of damaged beet and increasing the total crop yield. With the REXOR series the customer can choose between Oppel wheels and walking shares.

Keeping everything in sight

The GRIMME REXOR and MAXTRON series can also be fitted with the new digital ProCam video surveillance system as an optional extra, which consists of two ultra-modern, high quality, wide angle cameras and a monitor with split-screen function. The traditional system gives the driver a view to the rear of the machine but not to the side areas. As a result this could put people in danger or leave the machine susceptible to damage from objects such as trees. Despite the size of the machine, ProCam gives the driver an unobscured view with no blind spots whatsoever.

Source: GRIMME Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. KG