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Spare Parts Responsiveness

New Parts Facility
Tigercat America
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New Parts Facility


  • Tigercat Industries opens a new parts warehouse in Kelso, Washington to enhance service responsiveness.

  • The new facility spans 3,250 square meters and houses $3.5 million worth of inventory.

  • Brian Jonker, Tigercat parts manager, highlights reduced downtime and freight costs for western dealers and customers.

  • Extended operational hours into the Pacific time zone aim to benefit the Tigercat network.

  • Tigercat's expansion in the Pacific northwest reflects its commitment to growing support capabilities and customer experience.

Tigercat opens west coast parts warehouse facility to improve responsiveness, decrease lead times and extend spare parts operational hours into Pacific time zone.

Tigercat Industries is pleased to announce that it has opened a new 3 250 square metre (35,000 square foot) parts warehousing and distribution facility in Kelso, Washington with a current stock of inventory valued at $3.5 million.

"We are excited about opening the western warehouse for many reasons," explains Tigercat parts manager, Brian Jonker. "To have inventory closer to our western dealers and customers will reduce both downtime and freight costs. To be able to potentially service any customer for an extra three hours of the day is also a benefit to the entire Tigercat network."

Tigercat's increased footprint in the Pacific northwest demonstrates ongoing financial commitments from Tigercat to grow its support capabilities and improve the customer experience.

Source: Tigercat