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Spreader Application Center

The right setting is paramount!


In the new Spreader Application Center, AMAZONE – and even more appropriately in light of it being the 25th anniversary of the FertiliserService – expands further still its customer service. In addition to the already established provisions: FertiliserService, Material Laboratory Testing Service and the Spreading hall, the Spreader Application Center also includes the remits “Test and Training”, “Data Management” and the relevant “Knowledge Transfer”. The last two sectors are accompanied by a restructuring with which AMAZONE responds to the increasing globalisation and digitalisation of agriculture.

The objective of the new Spreader Application Center is to expand this area of competence to ensure an even better level of service for AMAZONE customers.


To assist out customers in being able to apply their fertiliser, or other spreading materials, in the most accurate way possible, we offer comprehensive advice via the FertiliserService framework. This service is available for our customers via phone, e-mail, fax and WhatsApp.

Material Laboratory Testing Service

To get the optimum spreader adjustment we recommend making use of our laboratory testing service which is open to all customers. By sending in a 5 kg fertiliser sample, which is then analysed in our laboratory, it is possible to make setting recommendations to the customer in relation to that specific fertiliser sample.

In-house developed testing methods and the most up-to-date data processing ensure that highly accurate data and setting values are determined. And thanks to the laboratory running a reliable process recording setup via QR-Code, AMAZONE guarantees that the processed data and measured values are filed error-free.

The Material Laboratory Testing Service is available for our customers at our locations in Gaste (Germany), Auneau (France) and soon also in Samara (Russia). In addition, it is also possible to send in fertiliser samples via our importers.

Spreading hall

The Spreading hall at the Hasbergen-Gaste factory is the focus of attention when it comes to looking at new spreader developments and the determination of spreader adjustments.

If a new fertiliser is going to be included in the spreading chart then it is spread by us in the Spreading hall; meaning that with this information we can make available the setting values for our customers as soon as possible, precisely and reliably. The Spreader Application Center is in close contact with the different fertiliser manufacturers so as to be informed in plenty of time about new products coming to the market.

As every fertiliser may change due to transport and storage in its spreading and distribution properties, we recommend to all our customers that they check the correct setting values again in the field and possibly further optimise them – either with the aid of our mobile test kit or with the newly developed EasyCheck system.

Test and Training

The trend towards bigger and bigger working widths, yet at the same time maintaining that perfect lateral distribution, is accompanied by demands to be able to respond to different environmental conditions. These conditions, such as for example wind or undulating terrain, can be only partially, or maybe not reproduced at all, in the spreading hall. Therefore, under the heading “Test and Training” we created a new sector where, in addition to the spreading hall tests to look at specific problems, also spreading tests under real field conditions can be carried out. The objective is to validate and to be able to optimise via simulation the findings created. In addition, this sector offers the possibility to train our own specialists, for example, those from customer service, in dealing better still with and interacting with fertiliser spreaders and the fertiliser used.

Data management and knowledge transfer

During the creation of our spreading charts and setting recommendations, the most up-to-date data processing, simulation and analysis tools are used. Many of these tools are in-house conceived and developed. The resulting knowledge can then be included in the development of new machines and methodology.

With the online weigh cells which are used in the Spreading hall for gathering the measurement data, it is also possible to analyse every spreading test, not only regarding the lateral distribution, but also the spatial distribution of the fertiliser. This enables us, by utilising further measurement techniques and developments, such as for example ArgusTwin, to evaluate information in such a way that, today, spreading tests can be simulated and optimised on the PC. Therefore, we can guarantee, not only the effectiveness but, above all, also the consistency and thus the reliability of our spreader setting values.

This already offers our customers today the advantage that spreading recommendations can be partly automatically created and so, in this way, the processing time can be significantly reduced and yet, at the same time, the precision can be increased considerably.

Source: AMAZONEN-Werke H. Dreyer GmbH & Co. KG