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Stefano Rodighiero, Manager from MB Germany Go to photo
Stefano Rodighiero, Manager from MB Germany

Stefano Rodighiero, Manager from MB Germany, in an Interview with LECTURA Press about NordBau

2002 was the world premiere of the first MB patented jaw crusher bucket. In the meantime, the product range has significantly increased with the sieve buckets, blade separators, milling machines and sorting grabs. Are there any other products from MB in the next future?


During the recent Bauma Exhibition in Münich MB launched to the world the new generation of Shafts Screeners. This series is radically different from all the other systems available on the market. It has been designed to adapt to a range of different working environments and can select different types of materials with unprecedented simplicity and speed, without the need for a specialist or special training.

Moreover, with the MB-HDS Screening Bucket you can easily change the rotating shafts on site in complete safety: just one person can do this in a matter of minutes. Our patented system keeps the rotating supports in place, the rotors can easily be removed and re-positioned, while the angular alignment is kept in place. For us, having developed this new system represents a breakthrough, and for companies, whether they are big or small, it means having a construction site that is always working, and obtaining high-quality materials that can be reused or sold, saving transport, dismantling and maintenance costs.

After France 2007, a branch was opened in Germany in 2010 as well. How many branches are there worldwide?


In these years MB has reached levels of internationally recognized excellence:  founded and headquartered in Italy, the company establishes itself globally through 7 international subsidiaries with logistic centers located on different continents. Furthermore, MB has agents and distributors all over the world. Ready to offer fast and free information, live demonstrations and around the clock assistance. MB offers assistance, sales and after-sales worldwide and 24/7.

What awaits the visitors of NordBau at your stand F-Nord-N224?

We look forward to showing customers how MB can revolutionize on-site work on your jobsite.
The live demonstrations of MB jaw crusher and sieve buckets are a wonderful opportunity to experience the power and durability of these 100% Made in Italy products.

Source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH; Petra Konheiser