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Street reaches new heights with the launch of special hoists

Street Crane has launched a new range of special hoists specifically designed for use on curved or straight monorails and with lifting capacities up to 38 tonnes.


The range has been engineered in response to a growing demand for more complex, heavy-duty monorail systems in overseas markets such as China. Street’s new hoists are available with exceptional lifting heights up to 125m and can be supplied with fixed or articulating trolleys suitable for complex curved beams.

Chris Lindley-Smith, Sales Director at Street Crane said: “These hoists have an exceptional design enabling them to travel along curved beams and offer significantly larger lifting heights compared to standard monorail hoists.

“These would usually be considered special designs by other manufacturers, so they charge premium prices, but Street can provide an extremely cost-effective solution for these types of applications. Customers will also benefit from the proven safety and reliability of the ZX hoist range as well as the ease of maintenance.”

Source: Street Crane