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Terex Utilities Shares Best Practices for Electrification of Fleets at Work Truck Week 2024

Terex Optima 55 ft
Terex Utilities International
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Terex Optima 55 ft

IMAGE SOURCE: Terex Utilities

Terex Utilities, a member of the Green Truck Association, will show its electric bucket truck and share best practices for integrating electric vehicles into fleets during Work Truck Week 2024, March 5-8 in Indianapolis, Indiana.


The company will show the Terex Optima 55 ft aerial device. The aerial device is powered by the HyPowerTM SmartPTO by Viatec and mounted on an International® Class 7 Medium Duty eMV electric chassis. It combines two proven and separate electric solutions. “This gives crews extra peace of mind to know that the Terex system is setup so that the boom operation is powered by the separate SmartPTO power source and does not take range away from the chassis,” said Joe Caywood, Director of Marketing and Product Management.

“Every type of work truck fleet has different needs. We can draw on actual customer experiences utilizing the Terex EV bucket truck across North America to assist fleet managers with evaluating routes, duty cycles, payload, driving range and charging infrastructure requirements,” said Caywood. Terex Utilities has found that fully loaded trucks have 80-to-100-mile drive range that fits many route profiles confirmed with telematics.

For those fleets not quite ready to switch over to the all-electric solution, SmartPTO is another option. The self-contained system easily integrates on most internal combustion engine (ICE) powered chassis. It powers the primary unit and auxiliary functions, lights and optionally the cab A/C. Operators can easily switch from the chassis engine to SmartPTO, eliminating excessive engine idling, reducing emissions, and decreasing engine-related expenses.

See Terex Utilities during Work Truck Week at Booth 3619.

Source: Terex Utilities