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Convention and Exhibition Centre in Changsha

The Fifth China (Changsha) International Construction Machinery Exhibition 2019

The promoters of Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Center would like to warmly invite you to The Fifth China (Changsha) International Construction Machinery Exhibition 2019, under the theme, “The New Generation with Intellectualization in Construction Machinery”. The exhibition will be held at Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Centre from May 15 to 18, 2019.Entrance hall


The exhibition, as its name would suggest, is being hosted in Changsha, China. It is the capital city of Hunan province in the south central part of the People's Republic of China with a population of more than 7.4 million inhabitants. Changsha is a transition city of transportation in the Midland China and a traffic juncture, where the Beijing-Zhuhai and Shanghai-Kunming highways and high-speed railways meet. Moreover, over 100 airlines from across the world operate in Changsha Huanghua International Airport. The city of Changsha held four consecutive exhibitions in the past seven years of China International Construction Machinery and Parts Exhibition, making it one of the most famous construction machinery exhibitions in China. Changsha is the largest global manufacturing base having the most advanced technology. In 2017, the industrial volume of construction machinery in Changsha reached 151.585 billion RMB.International journalists at Sany headquarters

There are also some of the largest Chinese construction machinery manufacturers headquartered in Changsha such as CRCHI, Zoomlion, Sany or Sunward. Sany Group is currently the world’s largest concrete manufacturing producer and ranked No. 11 internationally and No. 2 domestically in construction machinery industry with global market shares of 2.7% (2017). Zoomlion is ranked No. 13 internationally and No. 3 domestically in the construction machinery industry, sharing 2.3% of the global market (2017). Sunward ranked No. 40 internationally in 2017 and their hydraulic static pile drive ranks No. 1 product in the domestic industry. The CRCHI (China Railway Construction Heavy Industry) is affiliated to the China Railway Construction Corporation, which is ranking the 80th among the Fortune Global 500. CRCHI operates in three professional product categories: TBM equipment, special construction equipment, and track materials.Zoomlion headquarters in Changsha

The exhibition will take place at Changsha International Convention and Exhibition Centre. The whole centre covers an area of 800mu (53,3 ha), cost 5.78 billion yuan (733 million EUR) and its construction area is about 445.000 square meters. The centre consists of 6 groups of 12 monolayer pavilions, while a single exhibition hall is 164 m long and 81 m wide. The exhibition hall is also equipped with 3200 car parking spaces and 550 truck (bus) parking spaces.International journalists at Sunward headquarters

The Fifth China (Changsha) International Construction Machinery Exhibition 2019 is going to cover an exhibition area of 84.000 m2. It will consist of 54.000 m2 of indoor and 30.000 m2 of outdoor exhibition areas. The exhibition will be divided into the main engine zone, which will be dedicated to construction machinery and four separated exhibition halls of architecture, concrete, ocean, and mine construction machinery. The organizers expect the arrival of 600 exhibitors and more than 65.000 visitors, who can also check new equipment from aerial work platform, tunnel engineering machinery, municipal engineering equipment, logistic equipment, specialized vehicles, and so on. The core of the exhibition is The International Academic Construction Machinery and Vehicle Engineering. Nevertheless, the organizers have also arranged dozens of professional forums, product launches, trade meetings and purchasing meetings. Moreover, Chinese elites are expected to arrive (governors, members of academies) together with entrepreneurs, buyers, builders, and R&D teams.International journalists at CRCC headquarters

The aims of the exhibition are to build a promotional, trading and exchanging platform for new technologies and the most authorized and influential publications of new products. 

Source: Patrik Eder LECTURA GmbH Verlag