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The intelligent modular system

BENNINGHOVEN TBA asphalt mixing plant.


The TBA transportable asphalt mixing plant covers the performance ranges 160–320 t/h and is suitable for semi-mobile and stationary use. The design of the main components in container format with plug-in wiring allows for ideal transport options and reduced set-up times for the modular system. The high level of flexibility, available options, recycling feed systems and continuous retrofitting options for the components turn the TBA into an impressive all-rounder.

2 t, 3 t or 4 t asphalt – every 45 seconds

The TBA 2000, 3000 and 4000 have a 2.000, 3.000 or 4.000 kg mixer and ensure a mixing capacity of 160, 240 or 320 t/h. The systems of this type are particularly robust in structure. This enables the system to be installed even in earthquake zones and to withstand strong wind loads. However, every TBA can be easily transported and quickly erected in another location due to its modularity and pre-wiring.

Highlights of transportable BENNINGHOVEN system (TBA)

  • Modular system

  • Wide performance range

  • RAP system over 80 %

  • Large variety of options

  • Rugged design, therefore resistant to earthquakes and strong wind loads

  • Easy transportability and short set-up time due to the design of the main components in container format with plug-in wiring

  • Storage capacity of loading silo up to 517 t


The efficient and responsible handling of resources is becoming increasingly important – especially in road construction. Recycling of asphalt is becoming ever more important. The principle is absolutely obvious and extremely lucrative: not only does recycling save limited resources, it also clearly lowers costs while increasing efficiency. After all, newly processed rock – so-called mineral – is more expensive compared to reclaimed asphalt. As a competent partner, BENNINGHOVEN offers a wide range of products in the area of recycling feed systems. For cold feed systems, we can already achieve additive rates of up to 40 % with different technologies, from addition to the dryer drum or mixer feed to multi-variable feed. Whether on our own systems or on third-party systems, whether for retrofitting or expanding an existing hot feed system to maximise flexibility.

With the warm feed systems, we are already able to add recycling material amounts of more than 90 % to the mixing process. For the technologies, we differentiate between the parallel drum proven over many years (70 % RAP) and the parallel drum with counterflow action with hot-gas generator (90 + x% RAP).