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The new 150 EC-B Flat-Top Crane: Modular assembly for flexible usage



Liebherr will be presenting the new, modular design 150 EC‑B 8 Litronic Flat-Top Crane at Bauma 2013. The basic 150 EC-B machine is available either in FR.tronic or Litronic versions. The new 150 EC-B Litronic version features a programmable logic control PLC, whereas FR.tronic machines are operated via the traditional contactor control.

The new Flat-Top crane is available in a 6-tonne or 8-tonne version. These options provide a particularly high level of flexibility in terms of machine configuration. This means the new Flat-Top crane can be optimally modified to meet a wide variety of site requirements and customer needs. This is also an economically attractive machine concept for use in crane leasing.

In the FR.tronic version, the 150 EC-B can be operated either with or without crane cabin. For crane operation without cabin, there is radio-control available, ensuring that the crane driver has a very large action radius and a high level of flexibility on site.

With a maximum lifting capacity at the tip of 1700 kg at 60 m radius, the 150 EC-B 8 Litronic sets the standard in its crane class. Its maximum load capacity is 8000 kg in both versions, FR.tronic and Litronic.

The 6-tonne version 150 EC‑B 6 lifts 1800 kg at the tip with a 60 m radius. Its maximum lifting capacity is 6000 kg.

The jib length can be configured as required in 5-metre increments from 25 m to 60 m with all versions. This guarantees the optimum adjustment to a wide variety of site conditions on space-restricted sites. In addition, all loads are moved in efficient 2-fall operation.

The 150 EC-B is normally fitted onto the tried and trusted 120 HC tower system and offers a freestanding hook height of over 52 m. Assembly onto the 185 HC and 256 HC tower systems is also possible.

Depending on usage requirements, the 150 EC-B can be attached to travelling or stationary substructures, including onto foundation anchors as necessary. The freestanding hook heights move between 41 m and 63 m depending on the configuration. Simple transport and the "Connect and Work" assembly technology which has been tried and trusted in practice is also offered by Liebherr as standard with this new Flat-Top machine.

The 150 EC-B cabin is available in the "ergonomic standard cabin" and "high insulation luxury cabin" versions. Both versions are designed as moveable for space-saving transport. The luxury cabin is equipped with double-glazing, reinforced insulation protection and thermostat control with timer. This achieves energy savings of more than 30% over traditional, standard cabins. The luxury cabin is equipped as standard with 4000 Watt heating and air conditioning.

In the new 150 EC-B 8 Litronic, only powerful FC drives are used. Frequency converter technology from Liebherr provides optimum comfort and high safety with all types of crane movement. Another aspect for safe operation is the Litronic crane control.

The Litronic crane control system integrates the load-moment limiting system, the operating-range limiting system and the machine data evaluation program as well as an interface for the electronic anti-collision system. Cranes in the Litronic version also offer up to 20 % more load capacity at the touch of a button.


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Source: Liebherr-International Deutschland GmbH