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The Press Story

What is so different and special about LECTURA Press? / LECTURA Press is indeed a special News platform.


To understand why and how we need to go back to the beginnings of LECTURA.

LECTURA Verlag=publishing has started its operations more than 30 years ago, but with a completely different aim. Bringing more transparency to the used equipment business was the mission of LECTURA. There was not a lot of transparent information about pricing and price development in the 1980s.

In order to be able to start LECTURA had to collect a lot of data about the players on the equipment market and their products. It was necessary to cover as much of the market as possible as well as being up to date and accurate. This was when LECTURA put data quality a top priority. It was (and still is) most important to deliver a complete view on the market and connect information, that belongs together. 

After many years of collecting and processing data, LECTURA decided to use its data not only for machinery appraisals, but to build an encyclopaedia for technical specification for tens of thousands of machine models - the result is now known as LECTURA Specs. This site became that successful, that LECTURA wanted to offer its 200.000 monthly visitors even more information. LECTURA Specs  already covered product/machine information from more than 1.000 manufacturers, so what next?

What other type of information might machine interested people be looking for? The answer was easy for LECTURA to answer -  News from this industry!

We combined our strength with handling and structuring data with our successful digital experience when building LECTURA Specs.

Well, the result is the "News Directory" LECTURA Press. LECTURA Press publishes processed press releases in the original wording, but in a standardised format. Every single press release is read, keyed into the LECTURA Press system and categorised. This means, that we know about every single article who it is from, which industry it belongs to and which region it is relevant to. In this way we can integrate relevant information there, where it fits and belongs.

This news is free for our readers as well as for the companies, that have their news listed on LECTURA Press.


Not only is this free, but our LECTURA Press team informs every company, that their article has been published and where. LECTURA publishes about 500 articles a month; this results in over 40.000 articles over the 4 year history of LECTURA Press.

The current status is that LECTURA Press distributes these articles to tens of thousands of readers every month through its news directory and a weekly newsletter in German and English.

We are happy about the fact, that we are following our long term philosophy to deliver information TO everybody ABOUT everybody.

Source: LECTURA GmbH Verlag