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The Transition to Electric Power Disrupts Not Only Passenger Vehicles But Also Off-Road Specialized Vehicles: XCMG Might Leads the Way On It

The Transition to Electric Power Disrupts Not Only Passenger Vehicles But Also Off-Road Specialized Vehicles: XCMG Might Leads the Way On It
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The Transition to Electric Power Disrupts Not Only Passenger Vehicles But Also Off-Road Specialized Vehicles: XCMG Might Leads the Way On It


XCMG Machinery, one of the world's top three construction OEMs, would like to share the latest practices of XCMG's electric or methanol-fueled machines in the world. With a strong commitment to sustainable strategies for green, low-carbon, and intelligent new infrastructure, XCMG Machinery is leading the R&D and application of new energy equipment in construction projects. 


To date, XCMG has delivered more than 350 units of methanol powered XKT136 mining trucks to mines in Xinjiang, China. Methanol has high octane rating but very low emission – reducing hydrocarbon emission by 40 percent in complete combustion state, and the XKT136 can save more than 35 percent in energy consumption compared with equivalent diesel fuel vehicles. 

The XKT136 features a dual-motor extended range power generation module and dual-motor drive system allowing it to achieve around-the-clock operation. It’s equipped with the industry’s largest methanol tank with a capacity of 1,200L, as well as an efficient and intelligent energy recovery system to maximize the cruising range. 

Despite the extreme weather conditions of high heat over 40 degrees Celsius and frequent sandstorms in Xinjiang, the XKT136 has delivered excellent performance, with over 95 percent availability and high transportation efficiency. 

“XCMG’s development strategy is anchored by technology, about 4.5 to 5 percent of our total revenues go into R&D, and clean energy equipment development is a key direction with growing sales revenue – in the first half of 2023, the new energy product revenue was up 174.9 percent compare to the second half of 2022,” said Yang Dongsheng, CEO of XCMG. 

At the same time, XCMG delivered four units of 80-ton XDR80TE pure electric unmanned mining dump truck to the Fuchuan Shilingtou mines of China Resources Cement in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, the joint project between China Resources Cement and XCMG aims to realize unmanned transportation in mines to improve safety and efficiency, while tackling the pain points of solid waste treatment. 

Leveraging advanced technologies to achieve real-time, systematic, and comprehensive industrial equipment data collection and analysis, the XDR80TE with 23 vehicle-side sensors is capable of mine positioning and navigation, tracking, automatic loading/unloading, platform scheduling and more. The benchmark project promotes emission reduction of local mines and is a strong boost to the green and intelligent transformation of mining operations. 

In August, XCMG delivered 100 units of new energy tractors to a customer in Zhangjiajie, China, a flagship model developed on XCMG’s “e blue” platform which will bring new ideas for green, smart, and convenient solution to local logistics. 

It’s equipped with durable lithium iron phosphate batteries from CATL and key technologies to guarantee safe travelling, charging, and battery changing. The application of cutting-edge technologies including pneumatic locking mechanism, optical positioning, and wireless communication achieves high-speed power exchange within 3-5 minutes to realize non-stop transportation. 

On August 5, XCMG delivered 50 units of pure electric tractors to a customer in Linyi, China, with battery, motor, and electronic control system, the product can play up to 97 percent of the power, coupled with multi-gear energy recovery system to provide robust power while lowering the consumption. 

XCMG’s hoisting division is accelerating the new energy product layout in the new era. The XCT25PHEV debuted at bauma Shanghai 2020 not only inherits the high quality, reliability, and safety of traditional fuel models, but also further enhanced drivability and energy efficiency. it can travel 80 kilograms in pure electric mode, complete an 800-kilometer journey with 1.5 hours of charging, and operate four hours non-stop with pure electric power. 

In the face of tremendous changes and challenges of the construction machinery industry, XCMG thrives to meet the new demands in the new era with green technology and product innovations, ceaselessly bringing products and services to global customers with industry leading technology on new energy and intelligent transformation.

Source: XCMG