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The TVH stand at the 2018 CeMAT in Hanover Go to photo
The TVH stand at the 2018 CeMAT in Hanover

The TVH Group in an interview with LECTURA Press

TVH Group’s Kristof Bolle, Sander Loosveld and Kris Thermote in an interview with Caroline Reese, LECTURA Press on the automation of the industry, the CeMat 2018 and intelligent logistics

Your  thoughts as an exhibitor on the concept of CeMAT in general and how you experienced this last show? - Kristof Bolle, VP Sales & Marketing


In general, attendance was lower than in previous editions. The show itself became smaller, with only one hall and the outside terrain. In addition, many forklift manufacturers were no longer present, which was a pity. TVH, however, was very pleased with the contacts we had at our booth. As always, we see our stand as a meeting place for our customers to show our hospitality and to thank them for their business with our company. It was great to see all these familiar faces again, to talk and drink a beer or two..

How is the TVH Group benefiting from smart logistics (enabled fleet management)? - Sander Loosveld, Digital Business Manager

Intelligent logistics puts us in a position to become even more relevant and proactive for our customers. In the spare parts business, we combine the knowledge we have built up over the last few decades with the operating information of the machines to deliver the right part at the right time for service or maintenance. In the Equipment business unit, we help our customers optimize their fleet with digital tools to better plan their assets and make hiring, service and trading processes easier and smoother. In addition, TVH builds a wide range of free digital products to help customers and consumers manage their assets efficiently.

Due to increasing levels of automatization in this industry the central discussions are: Are machines taking over? Your thoughts? - Kris Thermote, Chief Operations Officer

First of all, I would like to mention that machines will make our work more ergonomic and less physical. Many machines exist to facilitate or relieve physically demanding tasks. Second, machines and robots change the existing job descriptions. This requires an adaptation of the human being and a shift to intellectually demanding tasks. The concern that people will lose their jobs in a disproportionate number, however, I find unsubstantiated. New jobs will appear and others will actually be taken over by machines. It is more a shift than a takeover. In my opinion, especially schools and universities have to adapt towards this new "economy". IT, mechanics, electronics, robotics and many more. Here a rethinking must take place. We must learn to inspire young people in particular for technology.

about TVH:


TVH is an international group with a presence in more than 30 countries and customers in more than 170 countries, and is split into 2 business units: TVH Parts and TVH Equipment.
TVH Parts is the one-stop shop for parts and accessories for material handling, industrial and agricultural equipment and has an unequalled knowledge of more than 30 million article numbers, of which well over six hundred thousand references are in stock. TVH Equipment has 4 business lines: ‘Sales’, ‘Rental’, ‘Service & Repair’ and ‘Trade’. ‘Sales’ & ‘Trade’ deal in new and second-hand aerial work platforms and fork lift trucks. With its short- and long-term rental of aerial work platforms and fork lift trucks, the ‘Rental’ business line is present in Germany, BENELUX and all Central European countries. The ‘Service & Repair’ business line is only active in Belgium.

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Source: LECTURA GmbH Verlag