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TII Group at the Metec 2019: Efficient transport operations in steelworks

  • TII Group with its KAMAG, SCHEUERLE and NICOLAS brands is a full-range supplier for the steel industry

  • Articulated scrap basket, slag or slab carrier transporters ensure high level of efficiency and safety

Kamag Transporttechnik, a subsidiary of the TII Group, is presenting its transport solutions for the steel industry at the Metec 2019 (25th – 29th 2019 in Düsseldorf). In Hall 04 on Stand 4D20, the heavy-duty vehicle specialist is showcasing an overview of its product range for safe and efficient processes in the steel industry. The focus is on the technically advanced articulated hinge connection which ensures optimal vehicle manoeuverability.


Worldwide, competition in the steel market is becoming more intense. In order to offset falling steel prices, increasing the level of efficiency has become an important issue in the industry. Thereby, an elementary issue is the internal logistical operations in the steelworks itself. Through its Kamag subsidiary, the TII Group offers steel manufacturers extremely efficient solutions for their transport assignments along the entire value chain.

The spectrum ranges from slag or slab transport through to scrap management and molten steel. Customer advice is also an important part of the TII Group's portfolio which places decades of experience in internal heavy-duty transportation and special logistics at the disposal of and for the benefit of its customers. Oliver Schwarz, Area Sales Manager at TII Sales, explains: "Internal transport operations at a steel plant facilitate considerable savings potential. We advise our customers which solution is efficient, process-reliable and cost-effective."

The TII Group continues to further develop its transport solutions in order to fully meet the requirements of the market. For articulated vehicles, for example, a range of articulated hinge connection units developed by Kamag are used. They facilitate both the steering movements, which is achieved with two symmetrically arranged hydraulic cylinders, as well as compensating any ground unevenness between the prime mover and trailing unit. The maximum steering angle is up to ± 90 degrees.

The further developed construction complete with the even stronger bearing units as well as the extended bearing distance and central lubrication system reduce maintenance requirements along with increasing the service life.

Slag pot carrier designed for more safety

The transport of molten steel and slag is one of the most difficult and dangerous tasks in a steel mill. With the vehicles of the TII Group, slag pot weights of up to 160 tonnes and bucket capacities of up to 50 m² can be realised. Furthermore, speeds up to 35 km/h and gradients up to 15.0 per cent can also be managed. Depending on the payload, drive units of up to 548 hp are available to customers. The safety of the operator has the highest priority regarding the transport of slag. For this, Kamag has provided the slag pot carrier with an optimal technical design with a sloping bonnet on the prime mover for ensuring an improved overview, a double operator´s platform  in the driver's cab, sealed special glass panel with pre-fitted louvred windows and much more.

Easier scrap management

The transport of steel scrap often takes place with dumping or scrap container pallets whilst being subjected to extreme environmental conditions. Dealing with dust, heat and extremely dirty roadways, industrial lift transporters from the TII Group have really proven their worth for this type of work. The vehicle concept covers payloads of up to 250 tonnes. Steering angles of 60 to 90 degrees facilitates problem-free driving in tight loading positions. Provided with sturdy support legs, the transport containers can be quickly set down and picked up. The driver's seat can be rotated and the cab can be raised in order to allow the driver the required visibility during loading or unloading operations.

The manoeuvrable slab transporter

With the slab transporter, extremely heavy slabs (cast steel blocks) can be picked up directly from the ground with the help of height-adjustable grippers and then stored and stacked at the point of destination. The special vehicle has been designed for use in foundries and steelworks. Both cold and hot slabs can be safely transported. The impressively built vehicles, which are designed and delivered to handle payloads of up to 150 tonnes, are extremely manoeuvrable thanks to the articulated pendulum prime mover with a steering angle of ± 90 degrees on both sides.

Innovative service concept

Regarding service, user-friendliness has the utmost priority. Concepts, such as the replacement of complete engine units during maintenance, increases the level of efficiency and saves both time and money. The TII Group offers this quick-change option for a large range of articulated vehicles such as scrap basket, slag or slab transporters.

Source: TII Group