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Top marks for the Chippo 510 C

Komptech is exhibiting the Chippo 510 C mobile chipper, currently with the best chipper performance in its class, at the Agritechnica trade fair 2013.


The Chippo family of mobile chippers from Austro-German manufacturer Komptech is setting new standards in the low-cost production of high-quality wood chips. The tractor-operated Chippo 510 C is the perfect solution for contractor companies. The general-purpose chipper can be seen from November 10th-16th at the Agritechnica trade fair (Stand F11, Hall 17).

The Chippo 510 C has been designed for tractors with a power rating of at least 300 HP and attains a throughput of up to 180 cubic metres per hour. Given its top marks, the mobile chipper from Komptech is being deployed as the current performance winner in its class. The broad application spectrum of the general-purpose chipper also deserved a high level of attention - it effortlessly shreds shrubbery, forest wood residue and wood trunks up to 750 millimetres in diameter.

Particularly beneficial are the two shredding concepts with which every Chippo 510 C operates. For smallwood and shrubbery, the drum speed can be increased to 560 rpm. The resultant high cutting frequency and the continuously variable feed guarantee maximum material throughput. At the same time, two optional vertically positioned feed rollers improve the transport away of woody biomass in the side area. Bulky bush cuttings are also fed precompressed into the chipper duct where they are shredded to precision. If the input material is intermingled with contraries, a special blade fastener with contrary protection reduces secondary damage.

When chipping wood trunks, the drum speed is reduced to 400 rpm, with the power of the Chippo 510 C increasing many-fold. The 2-stage feed control and the aggressive feed system of the Chippo 510 C ensure that wood trunks are transported quickly and reliably into the chipper area. The feed system comprises of a large feed table with slat conveyor, a transfer roller and two horizontal and two vertical feed rollers. The two horizontal rollers prevent lateral turning of the trunks and chipping across the grain. If there is too much material in the chipper area, replenishment is stopped automatically and not re-started until the controller issues the appropriate signal. Every Chippo 510 C is therefore able to boast blockage-free operation.

Characteristic of all Chippo mobile chippers is the screen basket quick-change system. It reliably filters out overlengths and ensures precision tailoring of the wood chippings. The fine fraction remains noticeable low. With the hydraulic swivelling mechanism, screen baskets can easily be exchanged within a few minutes by one person. Saving on power and gentle
on the material, the wood chippings generated can be discharged via a conveyor belt, or flexibly and accurately with a blower with adjustable speed.

The extremely sturdy chassis of the Chippo 510 C is designed for speeds up to 65 km/h and is particularly versatile and extremely well suited for all terrains. Thanks to its sturdy design based on high-quality components, the Chippo is also pioneering in regard to operational safety, and features low maintenance costs and a prolonged service life. Equipped with these qualities, the Chippo 510 C is the solution of choice for inter-municipal contractor deployment in particular. It is tailor-made for deployment at all forestry service providers for whom cost-effectiveness, reliability and mobility are key.