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Tracked paver SUPER 2100-3i with AB 600TP2 Plus high compaction screed at ConExpo 2014 in Las Vegas. - Powerful, Economical, Quiet – the New ”Dash 3“ Paver SUPER 2100-3i from VÖGELE

The SUPER 2100-3i is the most powerful paver in the new ”Dash 3“ generation from VÖGELE. This cutting-edge machine features a future-oriented design, more comfort and convenience, as well as high performance with minimum consumption. The SUPER 2100-3i on show at ConExpo 2014 in Las Vegas is equipped with an AB 600 extending screed in the TP2 Plus version for high compaction. The paver is a member of the VÖGELE Highway Class of "Dash 3" pavers which has won the iF product design award 2013 conferred by the iF – International Forum Design Hanover, Germany.


“VÖGELE EcoPlus” reduces emissions

The machine concept of the "Dash 3" generation focuses entirely on "lower consumption – lower emissions – lower costs". The “VÖGELE EcoPlus” low-emissions package combines a number of individual measures distinctly reducing the fuel consumption and noise of "Dash 3" pavers:

Splitter gearbox

When the paver is stationary, e.g. while waiting, all hydraulic pumps for "traction", "conveyors and augers" as well as "compacting systems" are automatically disengaged after about one minute. Fuel consumption is reduced considerably by this new function. Reducing drag also makes it significantly easier to start the paver at low outside temperatures.

Energy-optimized tamper drive

The tamper is driven by a variable displacement pump which always delivers exactly the amount of oil needed for the current tamper speed. No more and no less – that saves fuel.

Variable-speed fan

The speed of the variable-speed fan automatically adjusts in line with engine load and ambient temperature, as well as the temperature of the oil and cooling water. The fan is driven via a viscous coupling in accordance with temperature and engine load. In contrast to a hydraulic drive, this new type of fan drive stands out through its considerably greater energy efficiency. It is also very much quieter.

Controlled hydraulic oil temperature circuit

A bypass circuit allows the hydraulic oil to reach its optimum operating temperature very quickly. This in turn permits rapid, fuel-saving operation of the paver. If the oil temperature rises above the optimum level of 50 – 70 °C, a bypass diverts the oil through the cooler assembly.

“PaveDock Assistant” – the clever link between feed truck and paver

A constant supply of material is essential to produce a high-quality pavement. That is why Vögele developed the “PaveDock Assistant” for its "Dash 3" generation of pavers. This exceedingly efficient system greatly facilitates communication between the paver operator and the driver of the feed truck, and it ensures that the material is supplied to the paver safely and without jolts. In this way, the “PaveDock Assistant” substantially improves process reliability during transfer of material.

Signal lights on the paver and the associated controls on the paver operator's ErgoPlus 3 console are key components of the “PaveDock Assistant” communication system. The paver has two signal lights mounted on the right and left of the hardtop. With these lights, the paver operator can give the driver of the feed vehicle unmistakable signals, indicating what needs to be done (e.g. reverse, stop, dump mix). Having two lights, each in an elevated position on the paver’s hardtop, ensures that all signals are clearly visible to the driver of the feed truck from all angles of approach.

Sprung “PaveDock” push-rollers

In addition to the “PaveDock Assistant”, Vögele now also offers the innovative sprung “PaveDock” push-rollers as an optional extra. This particularly robust system efficiently absorbs impacts when the feed truck docks onto the paver. In combination, these two systems ensure maximum process reliability when transferring the material. A sensor installed in the sprung “PaveDock” push-rollers sends a signal to the “PaveDock Assistant” whenever a feed vehicle has docked onto the paver. The signal lights automatically display a Stop symbol and the driver of the feed vehicle can react immediately. In this way, the combination of “PaveDock Assistant” and the new “PaveDock” push-rollers ensures a particularly smooth transfer of material without jolts.

Improved operation with ErgoPlus 3

The user-friendly ErgoPlus operating system which has already proved its practical value on job sites has been enhanced with useful supplementary features for the new "Dash 3" generation. The redesigned colour display, for example, has a high-contrast user interface ensuring brilliant readability even in poor lighting conditions. The graphic user interface and all symbols comply with all the latest requirements in respect of product design. Self-explanatory symbols that are understood in all languages allow the operator to work intuitively. What's more, the driver's seat and the paver operator's console on the operator platform, as well as the screed consoles can now be adjusted even more easily to the operator's needs. Side panelling affords effective protection from the wind and rain.

Automated processes with "AutoSet Plus"

“AutoSet Plus” has two automatic functions. The automatic repositioning function facilitates the continuation of work when moving on the job site from one work section to another or after the paver has been transported. Depending on the paver model, the following functions can be activated simply by pressing the “Execute” button: screed, augers, hydraulic hopper apron and the deflectors in front of the crawler tracks are moved into position for transport. The conveyors are briefly reversed to prevent mix dropping off the paver onto the job site. When the paver has relocated, everything is restored to the previously saved working position by pressing the button again. This ensures that no settings are lost when changing back and forth between pave and travel modes. It also effectively prevents damage to the augers and deflectors in front of the crawler tracks. Each function can be deactivated separately via the ErgoPlus 3 menu.

The automatic function for paving programs in the VÖGELE Universal Class and Highway Class pavers, on the other hand, allows the operating personnel to store specific paving programs in the paving process. Values for tamper and vibration speed, conveyor and auger speed, height of the auger and paving speed are stored at the push of a button. Once stored, the program can then be retrieved and reused whenever needed.

Cutting-edge drive technology for perfect laydown rates

Every "Dash 3" paver is driven by a modern, powerful, and totally reliable diesel engine. It ensures that the pavers apply their laydown rate to the road at exactly the defined paving speed. Since different emissions control standards apply around the world, the "Dash 3" pavers are also available as a "Dash 3i" version. The suffix "i" stands for "intelligent emission control" and is found in the type names of all WIRTGEN Group machines which are equipped with special ultramodern engines. These engines comply with the strict emission standards governing mobile machines in EU and EFTA countries, the USA, Canada and Japan since 2011. For all other countries, the "Dash 3" pavers are supplied with a modern diesel engine complying with the European exhaust emissions standard COM 3a and the US standard EPA Tier 3.

Vögele High Compaction Technology

Vögele sets standards in terms of compaction: perfected technology together with the ultimate in materials for manufacture of screed components guarantee the outstanding performance and reliability Vögele High Compaction is known for.

Even when working with the Vögele tamper and vibration alone, very good results are achieved in road construction. Unique, however, and to date unrivalled in terms of efficiency and final pavement quality is Vögele High Compaction Technology based on pressure bar(s) driven by pulsed flow hydraulics. It is the pressure bar(s), the core of Vögele HPC screeds, that bring about high compaction of most varied paving materials and make a substantial contribution to the high-quality and economical building of roads.

Source: Wirtgen GmbH