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Transforming customer care – ALLU Support

Once our customers have been equipped with the ALLU Transformer attachment that best suits their business, we are still focused on ensuring that they achieve what they require. That’s where our customer support, spare parts and accessories come in. From drums to blades, by choosing our original, high-quality, spares, our experts will help transform your business.


Each ALLU Transformer attachment comes with a Dare (Data Reporting) system that is placed inside the base machine cabin. The system records performance and process data for analysing and optimising working efficiency. It also reports on hydraulics, time elapsed, parts temperature and bucket angle and performance.

As a further feature the Dare system assists the operator with a real-time link to the service station, minimising maintenance downtime. Production data from the display unit covers bucket count, processed tons, as well as processing time and total working time.

Supporting your business

The versatile ALLU Transformer doesn’t just come with inbuilt efficiency. It also comes with unrivalled aftersales support. No matter what the issue, our team is on hand to offer all the help needed in getting the most out of your equipment. We’re just a phone call or email away.

Technical support

Having built the unique Transformer technology, there’s no one better than our technical experts to offer their support. From getting started for the first time, to pushing your Transformer to its limits, we can freely advise. It’s very unlikely that anything will go wrong with your equipment, but it’s good to know we’re here to help.



By providing training and sharing our information we can help to improve the skills of your workforce and advance the industry as a whole. Overseen by our highly experienced team, we help you to achieve maximum levels of efficiency through technical improvement, new technology and enhanced operating practices.

Service and maintenance

To complement our unique Transformer equipment, we offer a wide selection of service and maintenance procedures. Whether its inspection or troubleshooting, the ALLU team is always happy to lend their support. And with planned preventative maintenance, customers can get all the advice needed to keep their machines fully optimised and working at maximum capacity.


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