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Triple treat for customers as McConnel delivers three advanced control sets

McConnel is helping customers reap the full benefits of its Power Arm technology with the introduction of two next-generation control sets and an upgrade for the best-in-class REVOLUTION system.

MOTION and EVOLUTION are available now and offer precise fingertip control and enhanced manoeuvrability and functionality.

Evolution features eight-function controls; joystick technology perfected by McConnel’s acclaimed REVOLUTION; and a robust design capable of withstanding the demands of busy professional contractors.

Five proportional and three bang-bang functions are available while the joystick enables operators to customise the controls to suit their personal preferences or the job at hand.

The MOTION system is an easy-to-master six-function proportional short-stick controller which offers light and precise fingertip control of complex manoeuvres and operations.

Featuring an ergonomic control pod, purpose-built software, and proven joystick technology, the system is rugged, responsive and reliable.

McConnel has also upgraded REVOLUTION adding a redesigned control pod with a full key panel – ensuring all functions and controls are in easy reach.

REVOLUTION remains the most advanced mainstream controller on the market with eight proportional functions, a 5.5” full-colour display, and advanced control mapping options.