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Two new three cylinder tractors with Dyna-4 transmission extend choice in Massey Ferguson MF 5700 Global Series

Massey Ferguson, a worldwide brand of AGCO, is extending and expanding the appeal its ground-breaking MF 5700 Global tractor Series with the launch of two new, three-cylinder 85hp and 95hp models, which come with the renowned Dyna-4 transmission as standard, plus the option of cab suspension.


The two new additions that make their debut at Agritechnica 17 in Hanover on 12-18 November 2017, are built on a similar, larger chassis as the existing MF 5700 Global Series. Equipped with the new performance enhancing Dyna-4 transmission and optional cab suspension, they offer more choice and a higher specification for those looking for a modern, rugged 85hp to 95hp hard working tractor.

“These new three-cylinder 5700 Series tractors, will appeal to a wide range of farmers looking for extra performance and versatility – particularly for field operations,” says Campbell Scott, Director, Marketing Services Massey Ferguson, Europe and Middle East. “They also perfectly complement the existing MF 4700 Series, with its robust and practical 12 x 12 manual gearbox.

“The new features, along with the recently introduced Visio Roof option, further enhance their loader credentials. And, the renowned Dyna-4, with four on-the-move changes, adds class-leading control to these, robust and cost-effective workhorses.”

MF 5700 Series three-cylinder specifications

  • Two new three-cylinder 85hp and 95hp models, built on the strong MF 5700 Global Series chassis 

  • Renowned Dyna-4, four-step semi-powershift transmission with

T-handle lever and Power Control operation

  • Brake to neutral and AutoDrive transmission options

  • Well-proven cab suspension option

Extra sophistication for straightforward tractors

The two new three-cylinder Massey Ferguson MF 5700 Series refine the Global Series’ modern, straightforward design with the addition of the renowned Dyna-4 semi-powershift transmission, as well as the option of added cab suspension comfort.

Built Massey Ferguson’s award-winning factory in Beauvais, France, the latest 85hp and 95hp models join the existing 100hp and 110hp tractors with their 12 x 12 manual transmission and further broaden the appeal of the MF 5700 Series.

Constructed on the strong, 2.32m wheelbase MF 5700 chassis, providing a 4.3t lift capacity, these cost-effective tractors are ideally suited to a wide range of field work and transport. They come equipped with a host of modern features, including hydraulic controls to ease operation and make them ideally suited to loader operations.

Renowned Dyna-4 transmission

The renowned and well-proven Dyna-4 transmission adds another dimension to the already versatile MF 5700 Series.

Dyna-4 is a highly efficient transmission that provides class-leading, simple and convenient control of 16 forward and 16 reverse speeds with four Dynashift (powershift) speeds in four ranges. A ‘creep’ speed is an option.

With four change-on-the move Dynashift speeds in each gear, it offers ultimate ease of operation with the left-hand Power Control lever and console-mounted T-lever.

On top of straightforward, clutchless range changes, it also offers further sophistication with optional AutoDrive. In the ‘Automatic’ setting this changes gears automatically, according to the engine load and speed. As well easing operation, this also selects the best setting for performance and fuel economy.


With Dyna-4 comes the further option of the practical brake-to-neutral facility. This superb control greatly enhances and eases loader operation. Activated with a simple rocker switch, this engages neutral whenever the brakes are depressed, which means operators need to use just one pedal.

Comfort enhancing cab suspension

A new cab suspension option, greatly enhances operator comfort on the two models.

The entirely mechanical system employs two silent block bushes to support the cab at the front, with a pair of spring-assisted shock absorbers mounted on the two rear corners.

A Panhard rod on the rear spring units provides lateral stability, which combines with the vertical damping to offer suspension in three dimensions – up/down and side-to-side. The mechanical system requires no operator input, with the damping set to pre-determined levels by the shock absorbers and springs.

Source: AGCO Deutschland GmbH