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Unique loading automation by Actiw

ACTIW Oy, a Finnish high-tech company specialized in intralogistics automation is presenting their automated truck and container loading, sequencing and storing technologies at LogiMAT in Stuttgart, March 13-15, stand F81 in Hall 3. Actiw offers two different loading solutions for regular, non-modified sea containers, trucks and trailers. Actiw’s LoadPlate and LoadMatic loading equipment have proven their performance, functionality, reliability and low cost of maintenance worldwide. Actiw has become a leading loading equipment supplier with the most extensive experience in the field.


LoadPlate is most suitable for the loading of any cargo and especially hard-to- handle cargo like machinery or long and heavy steel and lumber products, panels and project goods. LoadMatic is a fully automated loading solution for unitized, palletized or palletless products. With LoadPlate, load forming is typically handled manually or by forklifts or cranes, whereas LoadMatic can be seamlessly integrated into production and warehouse systems.

The unique characteristics of LoadMatic and LoadPlate make them quite different from other loading solutions; no alterations to containers or trailers are required, or special equipment at the receiving end. Both designs handle a wide range of various goods. The latest development work has proven that the equipment can load bagged products on slip sheets, such as cement, gypsum, sugar, plastic granules, fertilizers, etc. The everwidening variety of products loadable by Actiw’s equipment enhances customers’ operational excellence and competitive advantage in their logistics operations.

Today, logistic costs in certain product categories have grown to be over 50 % of total costs. The total benefits of loading automation add up to 2-8 % savings on delivered costs. Truck and container loading automation reduces dock turn-around times. Once staged, the loading cycle is short, less than 5 minutes. Truck and container loading automation cuts personnel and machinery costs and reduces truck fleet size both for drop lot and multiple run short haul delivery operations by dramatically reducing turn-around times. In addition, automation of the loading process brings cost savings in other areas, e.g. product damage, health & safety and order accuracy.

Source: Actiw Oy