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Wacker Neuson: two new excavators in the 3.5 ton class

conventional excavator ET35
Wacker Neuson Europe
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conventional excavator ET35

With the conventional excavator ET35 and the zero tail excavator EZ36 Wacker Neuson is presenting two new models in the 3.5 ton class. Time-tested and proven features of larger models were consistently developed further here. A completely new design and interior as well as additional outfitting options provide for a productive and fatigue-free working environment.

The new excavators ET35 and EZ36 are characterized by quick work cycles as well as particularly precise and efficient work. This is made possible by optimized hydraulics and the re-engineered motor-pump management. The EZ36 was designed as a zero tail excavator without rear overhang, specifically for work in confined or confusing construction sites, which are frequently in urban areas. In this way, the operator does not have to worry about damaging the machine or blocking traffic while working. The rear of the compact EZ36 excavator never protrudes over the undercarriage. At the same time, the cabin interior of both models is designed to be spacious and ergonomic.

zero tail excavator EZ36

“We recognized the needs of the market and are offering even more flexibility and comfort with the new 3.5 ton models from Wacker Neuson. The new generation impresses with a new interior, a new design and additional outfitting options, which allow for a productive and fatigue-free work,” emphasizes Gert Reichetseder, spokesman for management at Wacker Neuson Linz.

In particular for lifting heavy loads, the externally located guide rollers as well as an optimized weight distribution give the excavators ET35 and EZ36 an extremely high level of stability. Up to four additional control circuits are available ex work and make the excavators into versatile tool carriers. Contractors can thus use both models very flexibly and economically. An infinitely variable swiveling dozer blade with floating position is also part of the optional equipment and provides for more flexibility and efficiency. Another world's first that is offered for both models is the hydraulic clamp for the bucket, the “hydraulic thumb.” This feature makes gripping work easier, such as removing loose material such as branches or rocks, in the work environment. Rubber and steel tracks are available for both models.

Optionally, the excavators can be equipped with the Vertical Digging System (VDS). This tiltable revolving superstructure from Wacker Neuson creates additional flexibility in application for the machines. Even on uneven surfaces, for example at the curb or on a slope, inclines and declines of up to 27 percent can be compensated for at the push of a button. VDS not only provides greater safety, but also increased efficiency: Through exact vertical digging, the end user saves up to 25 percent in material and time when excavating and filling. The ergonomics also pay off here, because the upright seating position relieves the back and allows the operator fatigue-free work. As the only manufacturer in the compact excavator segment, Wacker Neuson has been offering the revolving superstructure tilting function for over 20 years.

Operator-friendly and efficient work environment

The clear all-around visibility of the work area and the attachment is indispensable for safe operation and quick working in the construction site sector. The new design of the excavators ET35 and EZ36 offers an ideal line-of-sight. Thanks to the two-part front windshield, which is standard, the operator is able to adjust the cabin to the current construction site situation in a few easy steps. The operator can affix the lower and upper part of the window under the cab roof. This not only facilitates the ventilation of the cabin, but the separate removal and cumbersome storage of the lower front window is also omitted and the windows are better protected from damage. In addition, this system offers various opening versions, such as the ventilation position or dialog position. Lateral sliding windows in the front and lower area, which can be opened in both directions, also provide optimal air circulation in the cabin. In addition, the power of the air conditioner was increased so that the cabin can be cooled to 16 degrees below the exterior temperature.

Different adjustment options for the seat and armrest as well as numerous storage compartments, including a charging option for cell phones and a USB connection, provide additional operating comfort. Based on the operating concept of the Wacker Neuson excavator models of the 6 to 9 ton class, the ET35 and EZ36 models optionally offer a 3.5-inch display in combination with a jog dial control element (rotary push knob), which is known from larger models. This is used for presetting and storing discharge volumes for hydraulic attachments, the engine speed control as well as the monitoring of various functions.

The tie-down points were also reworked: In total, eight large tie-down lugs on the vehicle chassis and on the dozer blade ensure quick and easy lashing down, therefore ensuring a safe transport of the machine. Two engine versions with different features are available for each model. No exhaust gas aftertreatment is required. The laterally placed engine in conjunction with the tilting cabin offers a very good and quick maintenance access. This saves time and money in application.

Source: Wacker Neuson SE