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Weidemann in the Heavyweight Class

The specialist in indoor livestock systems presents a large loader in the 11 metric tons class.


For particularly heavy materials handling, as constantly occurs, for example, in silo operation on large farms or biogas plants or with a high number of large bales, Weidemann has, to date, only been able to offer a 7.0 t wheel loader or 7.2 t telescopic wheel loader. Weidemann will now fundamentally change all that, with the new 90 series. “Rounding off the product range has long been a major concern for us and we have put a lot of effort into the development of the new series. Now we have finally got there, and with the launch of the 9080 model we are entering the heavy loader class,” explained managing director, Bernd Apfelbeck, on this product innovation, which will be available in 2019. Just like all the Weidemann wheel loaders and telescopic wheel loaders, the new product types are also fitted with a comprehensive and rugged standard set of equipment. Furthermore, the engine, the drive, the driver's cabin or the hydraulics, for example, can be individually configured according to the application and customer preferences.

The 9080 model is implemented as a wheel loader with a load arm that reaches to a maximum height of 4.26 m at the bucket pivot point. This results in a tipping load with the bucket of 5,290 kg. The total weight will be 10.7 t. The loader arm is designed so that the operator maintains a very good direct view of the attachment. The 90 series will also include a telescopic wheel loader. This will have a total weight of 11.2 t and a tipping load of just 6.594 kg with the bucket. The 9080T will be introduced to the market at the second half of 2019.

Engine versions in two power classes will be offered in the new models. In the standard version, the machine is powered by a 3.6 l Deutz engine of 100 kW / 136 hp. With this engine, the exhaust fumes are cleaned using a DOC/SCR system in accordance with the current EU stage IV emission standard. A DPF is available, as an option, which is already certified to the EU stage V standard, valid from 2020 onwards. A 4.1 l, 115 kW / 156 hp Deutz engine can also be selected, as an option. This is fitted with a DOC/DPF/SCR system for after-treatment of exhaust fumes, which also already meets the exhaust emission stage V standard that will become valid in future. The forward-thinking approach of this new model series is therefore apparent even in the engine versions.

New Power Drive 370 transmission

As an option, the 90 series is equipped with the newly developed Power Drive 370 transmission. This is a stepless hydrostatic transmission, which achieves higher tractive forces and driving speeds than previously developed solutions, while retaining all the advantages of the former drive systems in respect to compactness, cost efficient use of energy and operator comfort. In addition to the well-known positive characteristic of hydrostatic drives, such as easy reversing, good control and fine steering capability, and inching and braking force support, the large conversion range of the 45° technology also allows the vehicle to be driven through the entire speed range of 0 to 40 km/h without shift operation. As there are neither interruptions in traction nor jolts in shifting, this offers the end user a very high level of ride comfort. The end user is provided with a comfortable, even driving style and an agreeable generation of noise. In typical agricultural working situations, such as handling work in a Y cycle, there is a high demand for constant pushing power and tractive forces at driving speeds of 10-20 km/h. The Power Drive 370 transmission precisely meets these requirements by completely eliminating steps in shifting, which is especially beneficial in the majority of applications. For applications that require even higher pushing power, as with silo work, for example, the new models offer an increase of 25% pushing power of 10.1 t, as an option, with a top speed of 30 km/h at the same time.

Compact dimensions despite the size class

In line with the company philosophy of building machines that are as compact as possible, Weidemann has also paid close attention to this aspect in this size class. Including bucket, the 9080 has a total length of 7.10 m and a width of 2.39 m with standard tires. The height of the loader is 3.10 m. Due to their size and weight, the machine types are equipped with an articulated joint and a swing axle at the rear for optimum maneuverability and traction. The steering angle at 40° is classified as large, giving a turning circle of 4.90 m over tires and an inner radius of 2.45 m.

Comfort and ergonomics

The spacious cabin was developed based on the latest findings in ergonomics and design clarity and has good all-round visibility. All control elements in this cockpit are in the operator field of view and are easily accessible. Through the large 7” digital display, the operator always has an overview of the machine and the most important functions. If required, the flow rate of the hydraulic oil can be manually set using the “Jog Dial” control element. This is advantageous if the machine drives a hydraulic attachment, which does not require the full hydraulic performance of the machine. The operator can therefore operate the machine and attachment with a light, sensitive touch and conserve resources. The console, with the multi-function joystick with proportional control, the “Jog Dial” and the electronic hand throttle and inching, has been designed as a sprung unit together with the seat to allow for comfortable driving. The automatic climate control system, fitted as standard, allows for good airflow in the cabin and ensures operation free from fatigue. An auxiliary heater can be added as an option. Ease of maintenance has also been thought of during development. The engine hood can be easily opened upwards and the cabin can be tilted halfway. The mudguards are removable and, in conjunction with other easily accessible access panels, allow service work to be carried out simply as all key components are accessible.

Straw handling made easy

The 90 series will be able to handle and transport straw with a trailer load of up to 18 t. For this operation, the following rear couplings are available: A self-rescue coupling is fitted as standard. An automatic bail hitch is offered as an option. In addition, the following coupling options will be available for use in conjunction with a height adjustable towing hitch: Automatic bail hitch, K50 ball hitch (car trailer), K80 ball hitch, Piton Fix and CUNA D3. An auto hitch coupling is also offered. This can be rotated by 90 ° when not in use and there does not minimize the ground clearance.

In order to safely move trailer loads, both a dual-line pneumatic brake and a hydraulic trailer brake are possible options. Machines can be supplied with both a general type approval (ABE) and an approval in accordance with the EC tractor directive.

A wide variety of options for precision tasks

The 90 series comes with high-quality standard equipment, but also has a large range of options available. With the 40 km/h option, longer distances can be covered quickly and the machine can be used as a towing vehicle - including with stepless driving. The LED work light package offers increased comfort and safety in the dark. The hydraulic performance is rated at 150 l/min as standard. The high-flow option, achieves 180 l in 7min and therefore a “best in class” result. Further potential options include the addition of a 4th control circuit and lifting arm damping. Further options can be determined by contact with the manufacturer.

Source: Weidemann GmbH