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Windfarm Geefsweer and Oosterhorn

Windfarm Geefsweer and Oosterhorn
Van der Vlist Europe
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Windfarm Geefsweer and Oosterhorn

Last week we delivered the last parts of the 32 towers. With 12 parts per tower, this makes a total of 384 exceptional transports. The loading locations were in Eemshaven (NL), Esbjerg (DK), Lauchhammer (DE) and we unloaded in the municipalities Farmsum and Meedhuizen.

The tower sections have a diameter of 5.00 metres and it was therefore decided to have them delivered to Eemshaven. From there, a route was sought to the windfarm in the Delfzijl area. The large diameter of the tower sections made the transport height too high to drive under the high-voltage cables. Precautions were therefore taken such as, in this case, a tow chain (earth cable).

The locations were difficult to reach because of poor ground conditions. Despite these difficult circumstances, we had a good project and carried out all transports without any noteworthy incidents.

Source: Van der Vlist Transportgroep B.V.