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Yale Hosts Exclusive Speaking Event at ProMat

Before the ProMat show opened yesterday, Yale Materials Handling Corporation hosted an exclusive speaking event highlighting the importance of using data to optimize fleets of equipment. Customers packed the Yale booth to hear speaker Snehal Antani, Chief Information Officer of GE Capital’s Distribution business, which includes vendor finance, discuss how increasingly intelligent connected equipment and forward-thinking companies are capitalizing on the value of data to reduce operational expenses, boost productivity and improve worker safety.
“Leading companies are applying the industrial internet with its valuable real-time data to make informed decisions and transform their business,” said Snehal Antani. “In an era where we are continually challenged to do more with less, the availability of this data is enormous to improving efficiency and protecting the bottom line.”
When applied to fleets of equipment this data exposes even more potential for companies to decrease their total cost of operations. In addition to capturing information on a driver’s safety and efficiency, the use of telemetry devices, like the Yale Vision wireless asset management system, can help operations manage costs, protect assets and optimize productivity by monitoring a variety of metrics, including idle time, safety procedures and impacts.

Source: Yale Europe Materials Handling