Piquersa NEWS


New implement of magnetic bar for Piquersa sweepers

The magnetic bar option has been developed at the request of several customers who had to face the cleaning of areas with high presence of metallic waste and needed an effective and economical solution.


PIQUERSA's strong international expansion is consolidated with the shipment of nine BA-2300H sweepers to Bahrain

Bahrain is a small Persian Gulf country facing the coast of Saudi Arabia. Like the rest of the surrounding countries,...

Benahadux improves its streets cleaning by the hand of Piquersa

The City Council of Benahadux has replaced recently its old suction sweeper for a new dragging sweeper Piquersa BA-2300H.

Piquersa sweepers for Casablanca`s port

It has a sizeable fleet of Piquersa Road Sweepers for cleaning its streets and boulevards through the Cleaning Contract obtained by the French multinational SUEZ, leader in the International Waste Management Sector.

Piquersa Sweepers for waste treatment plants

These places have a high requirement regarding to ground cleaning due to the high volume and variety of waste that is accumulated every minute.

BA-2300H sweeper in MERCALASPALMAS

Thanks to the sweeping quality, low maintenance costs and its high performance, make it increasingly central markets trust in the PIQUERSA sweepers to maintain its facilities in perfectly clean.

Higher sweeping width for BA-2300H sweeper

The high performance of the BA-2300H PIQUERSA drag sweeper has been improved with the development of a third arm that increases the sweeping width up to 2,800 mm.

New BA-6000H sweepers for Morocco

SITA, converted into SUEZ ENVIRONNEMENT, world reference in urban cleaning and working in Morocco since 2004, has extended a satisfaction diploma to PIQUERSA.

Again, Urbaser reinforces its commitment with Piquersa

Recently the service has been strengthened with the addition of two new BA-2300H units, fully trusting the cleanliness of its streets to PIQUERSA sweepers.

PIQUERSA presentation in Toledo

Past October 29th, PIQUERSA celebrated in Toledo a new presentation of its range of Road Sweepers and construction equipment. The act was attended by many customers and distributors from all cities of Spain.