Xilin (Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co., Ltd.) NEWS

Xilin (Ningbo Ruyi Joint Stock Co., Ltd.)

Ruyi Start ERP Project

In August 24, Ruyi starts ERP Project. Chairman Chu Jiwang, President Zhu Aifen, General Manager Chu Jiang and Hejia Company’s president ...


Ruyi Held a “Xilin Cup” Army And Civil Union

On the eve of the “8.1 Army Day”, Ninghai County People’s Armed Forces Department, Ruyi Company with County border brigade,Xidian73681 Army as well as 6 armies held a “Xilin Cup” Army And Civil Union.

General manager Chu Jiang was Awarded as Ningbo Outstanding Entrepreneur Ruyi Won 2015 Top100 Enterprises in Manufacturing in Manufacturing

Recently, General Manager was awarded as Ningbo outstanding entrepreneur. There are 27 entrepreneurs awarded as 14th Ningbo outstanding entrepreneurs.

Ruyi Held a Meeting With all the Field Employees

Recently, there are 4 left-behind children died with taking pesticide in Guizhou , which made people deeply thinking. President Chu Jiwang held a meeting of all the migrant workers in the company as soon as knowing the news.


Gansu Delegation Made a Survy in Ruyi

May 14, Gansu delegation about 40 people come to Ruyi to make a survy. President Chu Jiwang made an interview with the delegation and made a deep communication and discussion with each other.

“Xilin” Forklift Arrived at ProMat Chicago 2015

March 23, ProMat 2015 opened as shcedual. President Chujiang carried Ruyi’s new products for ProMAT 2015.

30 Anniversary of the Establishment of Enterprises

During the 30 anniversary of the establishment of Ruyi, Ruyi didn’t make any celebration but to donate 1000000 Yuan to Ninghai Charity Union.

Deep Study “Machine Instead of Manual, Technology Leads to Innovation”Made in Ruyi

Director Zhou Guohui from science and technology department in Zhejiang Province come to Ruyi to make a study of “machine instead of manual, technology leads to innovation”.

Ruyi’s Classic Product Debuts in LogiMAT 2015

LogiMAT 2015 will be held on February 10 -12. Ningbo Ruyi is going to carry a variety of our product lines as one of the leading manufacturers who is specializing in material handling equipments in China for 30 years to attend the exhibition.

Ruyi won Supreme Science and Technology Award Again

Ruyi’s program “key technology R&D of high picker”won 1st prize of 2014 Ningbo science and technology award, it is 2nd time to win supreme science and technology award and it is the only enterprise to win the reward in Ninghai County.