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Potain Hup M 28-22 Self-Erecting Tower Crane: Hear it from the Pros!

North American contractors, Dusty Bitton and Chad Plager, share how they utilize Potain self-erecting tower cranes to build better on their residential construction jobsites. Potain Advantage: “With a smaller footprint, Potain cranes can easily move around and provide a nice X:Y grid over the entire construction site. We’re not limited by where a forklift or mobile crane may be able to drive, the incline it can make or whether it can safely lift a load." - Chad Plager, Manager at Rocky Mountain Cranes The Future of Building: “Self-erecting tower cranes are going to be an essential tool. It wasn’t that long ago that most builders didn’t have that reach forklift and now most of them have that. This is just another tool they need to get around, be familiar with it, feel comfortable and confident with it and you’ll start seeing these cranes on every job." - Dusty Bitton, Owner at Pinetop Custom Homes Build Better with Potain. Join the Next Generation of Homebuilding at Read full article

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