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ZBC energy storage system to run emission-free construction in Norway

For more information on Atlas Copco's range of energy storage systems: Ensuring a reliable supply of power to operate the electric machines can become a crucial issue. At many construction worksites, like this one in Kruttverkveien, the grid available on site is just not enough. To have the required output to cover all the loads at a zero-emission worksite, operators need a sustainable and silent solution that boosts grid power and efficiently manages alternative sources of energy. Energy Storage Systems provide the infrastructure for the backbone of electrification of the construction industry. Jan Erik Schanche, who manages operations in Kruttverkveien, assures that “Atlas Copco’s ZBC energy storage system feeds all the loads on site, making sure the project keeps running without wasting any energy. Having this unit as the heart of the project has optimized energy consumption. These battery-based units have the potential to help the construction industry substantially reduce its energy usage and, therefore, its carbon emissions”. In addition to the ZBC 250-575, STEG Entreprenør is also employing Atlas Copco’s new fast charger, the Z Charger, to feed the two biggest loads on site - the electric excavators taking care of the relining 2,400 meters of pipeline at a residential neighborhood in the grater Oslo area. Read full article

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