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A big step towards digitization with the new Kramp app

Joachim Bach, Managing Director of Kramp Germany
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Joachim Bach, Managing Director of Kramp Germany

LECTURA Press inquires in conversation with Joachim Bach, Managing Director of Kramp Germany.

At Agritechncia, you surprised us all with the introduction of the new KRAMP app. What can you tell us about first reactions?


We found them overwhelming. Although quite convinced that with the KRAMP app we were about to take an important step towards digitization, we didn’t expect it to be such an instant success. Within the first 24 hours we already had more than 1,800 downloads, with an upward trend. I think the figure speaks for itself and we have reason to be really proud of our achievement.

What are the functions the KRAMP app is offering?

Our app is a direct response to the requests made by our dealers. Apart from clearly structured webshop presentation and customer account information, the barcode function and the product scan are the highlights of the KRAMP app. With these features, our app can quickly locate incoming goods, find products by scanning a barcode, or even recognize items based on an image. To be sure, the app will not immediately find all products directly after being launched – but with machine learning and regular software updates, the performance will be improving constantly. Customers present on Monday for the live introduction at Agritechnica have instantly confirmed the innovativeness of the KRAMP app.

What has been the driving force for developing your own app?

Since its very start, Kramp has been working together with dealers and farmers in order to make the spare parts business as easy as possible for the customers, and to develop practical innovations in order to boost the customers’ business. For example, Kramp was first to bring out a catalog in the 1950s, opened the agri industry's first webshop in 2001, put into operation the fully automatic shuttle storage system last year, and now here we go with our most recent product – the KRAMP app.

What is Google’s role?


The KAMP app is the result of various projects Kramp has been realizing with Google over the last two years, working on the webshop. For the KRAMP app, our partner Google Clouds brings in an immense repertoire of experience and expertise – a role no one else could fulfil with such excellence. In cooperation with us, Google Clouds is developing solutions that will offer agri customers huge added value – now and in the future.

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Source: LECTURA Verlag GmbH, Petra Konheiser