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A Global Release Conference on S9 Platform Concrete Machine Products of XCMG was Successfully Held

Nearly 100 People- Concrete Manufacturers from Countries like Germany, France and Australia as well as Dealers and Clients from Over 10 Countries like Pakistan along “One Belt and One Road” Participated


On July 29, a promotion conference on complete sets of concrete equipment was grandly held at the concrete machinery industry base of Xuzhou Construction Machinery Group Co., Ltd. (“XCMG”) in Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province- Xuzhou XCMG Schwing Machinery Co., Ltd. (“XCMG Schwing”). At the conference, XCMG Schwing released the industry’s top R&D result- S9 platform products which integrate technologies of Schwing. The activity offered an opportunity for representatives of global clients to feel and experience the products developed by integrating Chinese and German technologies at the site, greatly enhanced international recognition and quality reputation of XCMG concrete machinery, and actively guided the concrete machinery industry to “go global” to serve markets along the “One Belt and One Road”. XCMG “S9” platform products have led industry upgrading with high efficiency, intelligent technology, energy saving and reliable performance, opened a new chapter for structure optimization in the concrete machinery industry and become another strong measure taken by XCMG to implement supply-side reform from the source of technology for facing the market, serving the market and creating the market. 

Global top concrete manufacturers from such countries as Germany, France and Australia and dealers and clients from over 10 countries such as Pakistan along “One Belt and One Road” participated in the activity; major media such as Xinhua Daily, China Industry News, and were also invited to participate. 

The “earliest” and the “strongest” cooperation between XCMG and Schwing

XCMG is a pioneer in Chinese concrete machinery industry. Schwing is a leader in global concrete machinery industry. Cooperation between them has attracted lots of industry insiders. 

Sun Jianzhong, the Vice President of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and Chairman of XCMG Import & Export Co., Ltd. said in the activity that XCMG concrete machinery has been an important part of XCMG’s development as one of its main product series, and XCMG was the first to launch domestic mixer trucks in China in the 1980s and then launched pump trucks and mixing plants, and has explored in the industry for over 30 years, so XCMG can be considered as a pioneer in Chinese concrete machinery industry. In 2012, XCMG conducted merger and acquisition of Schwing to join hands with such a top concrete equipment provider which owns several global leading patent technologies, which injected new vitality into development. 

1+1>2: fruitful results are achieved through integration and innovation. In the 1980s, XCMG was the first to introduce internationally advanced complete sets of concrete machinery technologies, and successively cooperated with global leading enterprises in concrete machinery technology such as Liebherr, Putzmeister and CIFA, which helped accumulate a lot of valuable experience and lay a basis for cooperation with Schwing. Because of the same pursuit of technical innovation and product performance and based on the common goal of providing better products and serving global construction and sincere communication, both sides have had close communication and collaboration in such aspects as product and technology R&D, manufacturing process, production and purchase in 4 years. XCMG concrete machinery has successfully achieved the targets of change from “blood transfusion” through integration to “blood creation” through innovation and change from “image” innovation to “exploitation” leading. S9 platform products released at the promotion conference totally display the result of Sino-German technology integration. 

“Cooperation” has brought technology and quality improvement and have expanded international influence. Liu Jiansen, the President Assistant of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. and General Manager of XCMG Import & Export Co., Ltd. described overall advantages of complete sets of XCMG concrete machinery, arrangements for international development and overseas layout to participants. He pointed out that XCMG and Schwing have realized effective collaboration in production, R&D, manufacturing and sales worldwide, and cooperation between them has become an example of Sino-foreign cooperation because of their stable operation and credibility culture. In recent years, XCMG concrete machinery has got developed all over the world in such regions as Asia-Pacific, South America and Middle East, significant enhancement of brand influence and reputation has been realized, and XCMG has become a concrete equipment and solution provider well-liked by global clients.

Create product and industry confidence by relying on high quality and technology upgrading

At the conference, the most eye-catching were S9 platform products developed through “Sino-German integration”. Nearly 20 concrete machine products including HB52K- the industry’s highest three-axle pump truck, SLM4- the “fashion prince” automatic loading mixer truck which is very popular in the Asia-Pacific, and HGP28- the new concrete spreader which is very high were placed in good order like soldiers waiting for inspection. 

“Sino-German Technologies Lead the Value”- a summary of advantages of S9 platform products made by Zhang Yue, the Technical Director of XCMG Schwing at the conference unveiled the platform products. He pointed out that platform products released this time are not ordinary technical innovation products but are upgrade products which integrate technologies of XCMG accumulated for 30 years and cutting-edge technologies of Schwing and are a breakthrough in the concrete machinery industry. Among them, the most outstanding are the concrete mixing plant which features breakthroughs in four core technologies and fourteen key innovations, and the concrete mixer truck which features breakthroughs in three core technologies and eight major technologies, and new concrete pumping products which feature eight core technologies like petticoat valve and full-hydraulic reversing and dozens of key technology innovations. This series of products have passed EU’s CE certification and Russia’s GOST certification, and manufacturing processes have passed several certifications such as international welding control system (IOS3834-2) and EU’s steel structure construction specifications (EN1090-2/3). During product test, XCMG Schwing used high-grade concrete C80 whose strength grade is 1.12 times higher than standard strength grade to test products’ limiting performance, to ensure that products can satisfy construction requirements under complicated conditions. 

Such exclusive technologies as arc-shaped legs and petticoat valve in the industry have always attracted attention, and attracted lots of participants to watch and experience products at the promotion conference. According to the person who explained at the site, S9 platform products of XCMG Schwing which integrate several core technologies mainly have five features- energy saving, high efficiency, intelligent technology, stability and durability. In terms of energy saving, lightweight degree of complete vehicle of XCMG concrete pump truck which uses energy saving technology increases by 5% and energy saving effect increases by 4%; in terms of construction efficiency, concrete inhalation efficiency is 5% higher than counterparts because Schwing’s exclusive arc-shaped leg and three-level X-leg technology makes stretching flexible; in terms of intelligent technology, manual operation workload is reduced which brings more comfortable user experience, and especially intelligent boom of the pump truck which uses ultimate bionics design technology has good flexibility and high applicability at construction sites. Moreover, the industry’s first Internet of Vehicles brand “X-Link” which has completed trademark registration can link concrete production, transportation and pumping at the level of data stream. In terms of system stability, the impact of hydraulic pumping system decreases by 3 times from 16MPa to 4Mpa which realizes shaking amplitude of the boom 5% lower than that of counterparts and thereby realizes effective combination of reliable quality, high efficiency and high stability; mean time between failure of hydraulic system is over 30 working days higher than that of counterparts, and failure feedback rate of electrical system is lower than 4%. As to the life of key parts and components, German petticoat valve system brings more even force, the life of quick-wear parts increases by 20%, wear of valve body decreases by a half, and product life is longer under the same condition.

Create complete solutions through related diversification and customization

Based on market demand and client demand, XCMG Schwing has adopted related diversification strategy for industry fields and expanded product scope to commercial concrete equipment, wet spraying equipment, mortar equipment, equipment for resource utilization of machine-made sand and gravel and construction waste, and industrial pump and industrial system equipment which link the whole chain of production, transportation, construction and recycling of concrete and raw materials. At the unveiling ceremony, Chen Wei, the President Assistant, General Manager of Concrete Machinery Division and CPC Committee Secretary of XCMG Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., pointed out in a report that XCMG Schwing has been committed to providing global clients with complete sets of equipment and complete solutions for the purpose of “creating maximum value for clients” and has formed the strongest and the most perfect complete sets of products which cover upstream and downstream industry chain of the concrete machinery industry. XCMG Schwing provides one-stop and all-round product “supermarket”, customized and whole-process services to meet clients’ diversified demands. 

Excellent products are always the key to open markets. Insufficient demand is just the appearance while unmatched supply and demand is the reality. This year, General Secretary Xi Jinping has repeatedly emphasized “unswervingly promoting supply-side structural reform” and active deployment for “promoting the industry towards medium- and high-end level by taking actions at supply side and at demand side” at the country level. As a leading enterprise in Chinese construction machinery industry, XCMG has actively showed its scientific & technical innovation capability and industry leading role, deeply carried out product structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading, successively promoted technical platform upgrading in several main product sections by strengthening innovation and scientific research investment, and created a world-class high-end construction machinery brand through “supply-side reform”. Technical breakthrough and upgrading of XCMG concrete machinery are just a miniature of XCMG’s implementation of the new “13th Five-Year” operation philosophy- “international, lean-oriented, weakness-improving and sustainable” operation and practice of “supply-side reform”. The successful release of S9 platform products developed through painstaking R&D, careful manufacturing and deep integration with German technologies will greatly enhance leading technical advantages of XCMG concrete machinery. 

“New technology and new platform which reach global leading level”- sustainable development has been driven by innovation. Chairman Wang Min of XCMG once pointed out that the current generation must quicken steps, cannot slow down and cannot stop in order to promote the development of Chinese construction machinery industry; there must be loud voices and obvious contributions from China in global construction machinery industry. Despite many vicissitudes, XCMG has been making progress. XCMG has integrated the world’s advanced technologies for developing more environment-friendly, more intelligent, more efficient and more sustainable concrete machine technologies and products, and cooperated with global partners to build a beautiful homeland with the attitude of opening and sharing in this era of global economic integration and civilization achievements sharing.