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Aircraft construction flies on PB

Two sun-yellow PB special machines go via Hydro systems – the market leader for ground equipment (GSE) and system solutions for aviation – to a Japanese aircraft manufacturer.


Constructed on the basis of the proven PB TOP 12 series, a multitude of customer specific solutions have been developed together to make the two scissors well-prepared especially for the use on aircraft.

So the compact design of the working platforms was especially designed to do repair- and maintenance works in the tight spaces between fuselage, engines and wings.

Therewith to be able to access the hard-to-reach places on the aircraft, PB developed a hydraulic, lateral steel platform extension extra for this purpose. This offers with a steel construction width of 1,20 m a lateral extension of 0,80 m, which ultimately results in an approx. 1,30 m lateral working area.

Due to the sensitivity and, of course, the cost intensity of an aircraft, damages must be avoided in the best possible way.

For this reason the PB machines are equipped with a range of safety-specific features.

“Centerpiece” here is a pneumatic-electric Barger pressure wave system (shut-off strips). For the ideal positioning of the sensors, the entire platform has been adapted and special sensor brackets for the chassis have been developed, meaning every conceivable machine movement is covered.

Furthermore, other practical features facilitate the work on aircraft. For example a lateral double-door, a single foldable handrail and a special, freely positionable LED-worklight on the platform.

The development of this special design PB S65-12E SP is based on the good cooperation and many years of experience of all departments at PB. Cornerstones are the well-founded engineers, the internal welding and assembly department and last but not least the know-how of the electrical department, which develops and programs its own electronic control systems.

Source: PB Lifttechnik GmbH