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ALE invests in world’s highest capacity trailers

ALE are investing in their global trailer fleet with the latest generation of trailers from Scheuerle. The Generation 4 M92 trailers have 60t capacity per line, the world’s highest capacity SPMTs. The trailers also have a much higher bending moment capacity of 9,250kNm. This enables them to have a greater spread and the ability to carry an increased loading.

The new trailers have environmentally friendly power packs with EU 4 / EPA Tier 4 final exhaust emission certification.

ALE has ordered 200 axle lines of the latest SPMTs which are expected to be delivered early 2016.

More recently, ALE has invested in trailers in South Africa which can be mechanically widened to get the maximum stability and footprint.  These trailers can be used on a minimum width of 3m, up to the desired width for the project.

Ronald Hoefmans, Technical Director at ALE said: “By investing in the latest generation of trailers it positions us at the forefront of the industry, pushing the boundaries for the world’s highest SPMT capacity and solving the challenges for our clients. We react to the needs of the market; likewise, with the new trailers in South Africa, the trailers provide us with a technical edge and an adaptive solution. These trailers have an unrivalled geometric and hydraulic stability which maximises safety on the tough routes we have to negotiate.”