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Antonio Carraro @ SITEVI

Series R: Compacts with top notch technology


The new Antonio Carraro Series R, having recently debuted on the compact market, conforms to all legal requirements regarding Stage 3B diesel engine emissions. Despite the introduction of the anti-particulate filters, the company wishes to emphasise that the dimensions and volumes of the previous series have been maintained. In a single power setting of 98hp, seven versions are proposed, all with the code 10900 (TRX, TRG, TGF, TTR, SRX, Mach 4 and Mach 2) each one with ACTIO™, the AC full chassis with oscillation, on all versions: rigid steering, low centre of gravity, wide track or articulated. They all have the reversible drive system except for the TGF, which is mono-directional. The 4 cylinder turbo Kubota engine with Common Rail electronic injection guarantees top level performance and fuel savings, along with a perfect integration with the transmission and with all the tractor’s technical apparatus thanks to the use of CANbus technology (Controller Area Network) which connects the tractor’s different control units by getting them to “talk to each other” via a constant exchange of information. The electronic control of the engine revolutions occurs instantaneously via the controls positioned on the right of the steering wheel. It has excellent traction, which has increased thanks to a slightly longer wheelbase, which distributes the tractor’s weight perfectly. On request, the brand new Air cab (ROPS and FOPS homologated) or the super-low profile Protector 100 (for the TGF) cab can be fitted, which are both pressurised with a Cat.4 certificate and which offer the operator total protection from dust, gas and aerosols.

Mach 2 and Mach 4 – Series R tracked vehicles

The new Series R also includes two tracked vehicles: Mach 2 (duotrack – 20” front wheels and rear rubber tracks – Steering ACTIO™ chassis, reversible) and Mach 4 (quadtrack with articulated ACTIO™ chassis). Setting themselves apart with their black livery, both are reversible. The special rubber track system provides grip and constant traction even in extreme weather conditions: on muddy, slippery sloping ground or in areas that would be inaccessible for a vehicle with tyres with minimum ground compaction, less than that of a man’s weight. The quadtrack Mach 4 is characterised by its articulated chassis, great agility and excellent handling, whilst the duotrack Mach 2, with its steering chassis, offers maximum stability and safety whilst manoeuvring on slopes. Both models have road homologation for speeds of up to 40 km/h.

TGF 10900 R – A panther amongst the rows

Available in 3 versions: 71hp (7800), 89hp (9900) and 98hp (10900 Series R), the TGF is a compact monodirectional tractor with larger rear wheels and a low, streamlined profile, ideal for working in orchards, vineyards under awnings, greenhouses all of which are often defined by their narrow rows and dense vegetation. Available in 8 different tyre combinations, the TGF is a tractor with “made to measure” settings in order to reflect the needs of all operators, according to the type of cultivation and the shape of the land. The transmission offers 16+16 speeds with an independent PTO set at 540 or 540E rpm with synchronised inverter. A stable tractor with good handling thanks to the large rear wheels and the smaller front ones that provide a narrow turning circle, which is of particular use between one row and another. The TGF moves with the agility of a panther amongst cultivations with heavy foliage guaranteeing grip and traction even on sloping ground. Robust and compact, it is ideal for working on Y-shaped fruit plantations, in vineyards under awnings and in greenhouses, on transverse slopes, on rows that have been touched up or on transverse slopes. It can be fitted with the classic StarLight cab or the pressurised super low profile Protector 100 cab, which unites comfort and maximum compactness while totally isolating the operator from harmful substances.

PROTECTOR 100 CAB > Pressurised and Cat. 4 certified (which guarantees maximum protection for the operator against harmful dust, gas and aerosol) it is streamlined with an ultra-compact design. It is characterised by the “butterfly” steel chassis, devoid of sharp edges, with a height of just 174 cm at its apex. Designed to work in dense vegetation and on oblique, Y-shaped or sloping rows, despite its compactness, it offers operative comfort, which has been studied down to the fine details. The glass doors, the rear window and the front porthole guarantee visibility on all fronts. The cab’s acoustics are muted by the soft surface covering inside the cab. The digital instrument, Aircontrol, allows the operator to maintain optimal pressurisation and to activate the heating and air-conditioning system.

Tony 9800 TR and SR – The much-awarded with continual variation hybrid transmission

They are fitted with a 4 cylinder, 87hp Yanmar engine and a synchronised PTO set at 540/540E with electrohydraulic progressive engagement. Isodiametric with either a steering chassis (TR) or an articulated chassis (SR), both are reversible and represent the Veneto company’s latest frontier in terms of the continual variation transmission run by a software that the operator can personalise to suit his specific task, thus optimising results and simplifying procedures. The Tonys are tractors designed for precision agriculture: crop spraying in orchards pruning along with the deleafing and suckering of vines. The hybrid hydrostaticmechanical transmission with SIM technology (Shift In Motion) offers four speed ranges with an electronic command, which can be activated while in motion. It is a technology that amplifies the possibility of using numerous pieces of equipment thanks to modulated restarts, the memorisation of parameters, the personalisation of the operator’s task as he adapts the tractor to his needs and drive style. The articulated Tony SR can come with a narrower track at 1060mm. On request they can be fitted with the Air cab, which is ROPS and FOPS homologated, pressurised and certified with a Cat.4, which protects the operator from harmful inhalations of dust, aerosols and vapours. Over the course of the last year the Tonys have received the following awards: Intervitis Interfructa Innovation 2016, Smau Innovation award 20017, Agromasexpo – Agrárgépshow 2017, Tractor of the year 2017 in the “Best of Specialized” category. The SR model was awarded the “Innovation Challenge” and won “Vota il Trattore” at Enovitis in campo 2017 and recently awarded as “New Product” at Sitevi 2017.

Supercompacts for the narrowest of rows

Tigre 4000 - The super-compact all rounder

Isodiametric, steering, 31 hp with a 3 cylinder Yanmar engine (max torque 1700 rpm) it replicates, on a smaller scale, all the features of the top of the range AC tractors. In addition to the design aesthetics, the ACTIO™ oscillating chassis, low centre of gravity and ground clearance (275 mm), it provides an ample, comfortable, ergonomic drive position with easy access. It is one of the most compact tractors on the market, designed to satisfy the various maintenance or cultivation activities on agricultural plots, in vegetable gardens and in greenhouses. The streamlined design, aimed at easy access through the vegetation, and the “low front” offer perfect frontal visibility. The turning circle is only 2870 mm. The bonnet has a large steel grille which guarantees excellent thermal exchange. The vertical opening of the bonnet allows for quick and practical inspection of the engine. The robust front bumpers, which act as ballast and protection, is fitted with an integrated tow point. The PTO, set at 540 rpm is synchronised with all the speeds of the gearbox, whilst the powerlift has an 850 Kg capacity.

T Major Series, dominates the hillside and glides over the plain

The T Major Series is made up of models with steering and articulated chassis and with either equal sized wheels or larger rear wheels. Its perfect weight distribution, guaranteed by the ACTIO™ chassis over all four wheels, guarantees grip, stability and safety. The vehicles have an independent PTO, a synchronised gearbox with inverter (12+12) as well as a draft and position control lift with linkage adjustment.

SN V Major – The narrow articulated tractor

The isodiametric SN model with its articulated chassis from the Major Series offers the perfect mix of ergonomics, reliability and versatility, all of which renders it a simple, stable and highly productive tractor. The aggressive yet compact design, particularly useful while working in dense vegetation and narrow rowed crops, is characterised by harmonious lines and curved streamlined mudguards. Its articulated chassis guarantees a tight turning circle with a comfortable drive position and easy, obstacle free access aboard. There are various options available for the hydraulic system, powerlift and tyre set which can personalise the tractor in accordance with each customer’s specific needs. The SN is available with two engines: SN 5800 V – 4 cylinder Yanmar 2188 cc 50hp and the SN 6400 V -3 cylinder VM 2082 cc 56hp.

Source: Antonio Carraro S.p.A.

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