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Bergmann expands the dumper series to include chain dumpers

Meppen: Latest news at Bergmann Maschinenbau: The family business from Emsland presents the new chain dumber 4010 for the first time at the bauma 2013, in Munich. The innovative vehicle has a payload of 10 tons and is the first series-chain dumper from the Bergmann 4000 series. Additional models will follow in the next few years.


Bergmann becomes a dumper full-liner

With more than 50 years experience in the development, production, and marketing of wheeled dumpers, specialized vehicles and underground dumpers, now Bergmann GmbH & Co. KG launches the entry into the chain dumper market - and thereby becomes a true full-liner among the dumper providers. "By expanding our dumper series 4000, we can now offer our customers transport equipment even for those cases, which require low ground pressure or where it is mandatory in the first place," says sales manager Matthias Pistorius. With its 6.3 m³ capacity tray and a payload of 10,000 kg, the new chain dumper 4010 reaches a ground pressure of only 0.45 kg / cm ². Hence, it reliably meets the requirements for use in wet, marshy areas, in pipeline construction, dam and hydraulic engineering and in the mining industry as well as in the moorlands.

The Bergmann-developed conceptual framework turns the 4010 into a truly multi-talented equipment with versatile applications. It allows different troughs such as rear tipping trough, round tipping trough, loading platform, or a skip to be mounted on the vehicle. The construction of a quick-change system for frequently changing requirements is also possible. With the crane mounting in front or behind the cabin the 4010 is ideally suited to function as a welding bead, as required for pipeline construction.

Chassis / drive train meets the emission standards

The frame of the 4010 is built in a modular design and can therefore be adjusted to appropriate requirements as necessary. The track-frames are designed so that the large-sized travel drives costs of planetary gearbox with a hydraulic parking brake, and a two-stage hydraulic engine in the back. In this way, the force is optimally transferred to the chain. At the same time, this allows for a better weight distribution, which proves to be especially advantageous when used as a welding bead (crane front) and in driving downhill.

Bergmann chain dumper is powered by a 6-cylinder Cummins engine with an output of 180 KW/244 HP, with TIER 4 interim/3B. As the only chain dumper in this class, the Bergmann Dumper 4010 complies with the European emission standards. The powerfully designed driving and working hydraulics allows for a continuous driving up to a speed of 14 km / h and has sufficient reserves if the dumper has to overcome extreme inclines while loaded. The working hydraulics is standard equipped with a 33 cc gear pump for auxiliary equipment and can be optionally upgraded to a 115 cm³ axial piston pump. This makes the 4010 a real powerhouse for the operation of cranes, winches and other attachments. 

In focus: Occupational safety, driving comfort and efficiency

In the development of the 4010, Bergmann engineers have once again put focus on occupational safety and the efficiency while combining this with a high level of comfort. As with all Bergmann dumpers with cabins, the new chain dumper 4010 also has a spacious, generously equipped, ROPS-/FOPS-tested and vibration damped cabin. Good, all-round visibility, as well as an ergonomic and user-friendly workplace are just as much part of these series as the air-suspended driver's seat. Equipped with a pollen filter heating and ventilation system can be optionally supplemented by an air conditioner. The comfortable entrance is ensured via an automatically retractable step. All maintenance and service points are located behind lockable caps and easily accessible.

The 20-ton vehicle is steered by a steering wheel, which can be optionally replaced by a joystick control. The driving speed is controlled by a foot pedal and can also be set for long transport distances and cruise control as well as precision controlled by a potentiometer. In addition to high stability, which is ensured by a low centre of gravity and optimum weight distribution, as the only chain dumper of this class, the 4010 also has oil disc-brake independent from the drive, enhancing vehicle safety.  

It goes without saying, that Bergman's chain dumper 4010 complies with European safety guidelines. This is further confirmed through the ET seal received from the BG Bau testing and certification body, as with all dumpers made ​​by Bergmann.

The advantages of the Bergmann chain dumper 4010 at a glance:

  • modular framework for a variety of applications
  • first chain dumper to receive the ET test certificate for occupational safety
  • the only chain dumpers in the 10-to-class, which meets the Level 3b emission standards
  • the only chain dumper in the 10-to-class certified with ROPS-/FOPS-tested driver cabin
  • the only chain dumper with independent auxiliary parking brake
  • the only chain dumper in the 10-to-class with two steering modes
  • the only chain dumper in the 10-to-class with max. driving speed of 14 km / h
  • the first chain dumper with with a variable crane connection in front and / or behind the driver cabin

Also for rent: As of now, the chain dumper 4010 is also  available for rent Bergmann expands thereby not only its product range in the sales, but also offers its customers optimal transportation equipment even for exceptional construction sites. 

Contact:          Matthias Pistorius, Tel. +49 5932-729279, Fax: +49 5932- 7292-92

Source: Werbeagentur Holl GmbH & Co. KG