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Carmix TrailerPump 15: quality concrete arrives even higher and further

The Italian company increases its range of solutions for its machines with the new Carmix TrailerPump 15 concrete pumps. Designed to transport concrete even higher and further, the new accessory is compatible with the entire range of self-loading cement mixers, from Carmix One to the latest one produced by Metalgalante: Carmix 3500 TC. The TrailerPump is a powerful upgrade for any type of worksite. 

Compact, powerful and easy to maneuver 


A little longer than four meters, with a height and width of about 1 and a half meter, Carmix TrailerPump is easy to maneuver on the worksite, thus allowing its operators to reach particularly high or difficult to reach areas. All thanks to a powerful twin-cylinder piston pump with a hydraulic control that ensures a capacity of up to 15 m3 an hour at a pressure of 70 bars. The large hopper (240 liters) with the agitator, the grid with a 12V electro-vibrator and the EasySpritz system, which optimizes the pumping performance even in the event of a small load, are key factors that help increase productivity on the worksite.

Maximum control of the pump and concrete 

All operating parameters are available through electromechanical devices, while the pump can be controlled through a remote control with four functions. These features are in line with the Carmix philosophy: offering control tools to control and monitor the work to its users. In recent years, the company has developed a series of technologies studied to support the work of professionals. Amongst these, Concrete-Mate is the weighing system that provides high accuracy for the preparation of concrete. Finally, Promix is the cutting-edge digital device that ensures an always-perfect mix design: thanks to the sensor installed in the barrel, it transmits information on the slump, temperature, humidity, speed of rotation of the cement mixer to the cab, but also indicates when the mix is ready.
Thanks to continuous technological implementations, the CARMIX OFF-ROAD BATCHING-PLANT is always more accurate, effective and complete.

Source: Associata Unicom