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At Conexpo 2020, Carmix has presented a new service for the American building companies and has focused on the off-road mobile batching plant’s technology

The Italian company Carmix founded in 1976 has successfully concluded its exhibition at Conexpo 2020 in Las Vegas demonstrating that in its future there is the intention to offer not only products but also services.


One of the news introduced in this year’s edition was US Carmix Concrete, the innovative concrete supply service dedicated to the American building companies. Born from the intuition of Massimiliano Galante, Managing Director of Carmix Metalgalante, in collaboration with the American interdisciplinary engineering company Thallus Group, this initiative supports construction companies requiring short-time quality concrete in sites that are difficult to reach by large batching plants such as those in city centres.

US Carmix Concrete provides building companies a package of Carmix machines: the model Carmix 3500 TC, Carsilos, a horizontal cement silo equipped with a flexible screw conveyor and an electronic weighing system, and a truck for transporting the machines. Additionally, the package includes service and customer care.

Carmix 3500 TC’s technology protagonist of the event

At Carmix booth there was also Carmix 3500 TC, which continues to be the flagship model of the company. This smart mobile batching plant is a concentrate of technology and good design to create powerful and versatile working tools. The machine has the innovative weighing system Concrete-Mate, which is a Mix Design Manager applying the ‘RMC Plant standard level’ management software, which, using four sensors in the mixing unit, guarantees a top-quality concrete mix complying with international concrete production standards (UNI 206-1  - ASTM – ACI, etc) and total control over production costs. Thanks to this system, Carmix 3500 TC can guarantee maximum control, consistent performance, high quality standards, work certification and worksite cost monitoring.

Carmix, the perfect solution to optimize the logistic organization of the jobsite

The Italian company finally relies on continuous design and technological development to offer a complete range of self-loading concrete mixers, off-road mobile concrete batching plants and compatible tools that enable high quality concrete to be produced and guarantee a better logistical organization for the jobsite. For example, using Carmix 3500 TC in combination with the steel mini-silo Carmix Bagger provides several advantages as it enhances machine productivity reducing cement-loading time by up to 50% and it has zero environmental impact. Thanks to these solutions and innovative tools, Carmix guarantee a 20-25% reduction in running costs and project lead times, thus proving to be the Number One for Satisfaction.

Source: Carmix

Carmix 3500 TC on LECTURA Specs