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Case IH shows its latest innovations at SIMA

The Case IH exhibit at SIMA will include examples of the company’s latest products: Versum CVXDrive / Six-cylinder Maxxum 150 ActiveDrive 8/ AFS Connect™ telematics portal/ MyCaseIH platform / EZ-Pilot™ Pro assisted steering solution / AccuGuide MotorDrive guidance system / Coffee Express 200 Multi Coffee harvester


Case IH will highlight its latest products and innovations at SIMA 2019 (24th – 28th February 2019). including the new Versum CVX Drive and six-cylinder Maxxum 150 ActiveDrive 8 tractors, AFS Connect™ telematics system and EZ-Pilot™ Pro assisted steering system. The company’s stand will also feature the new Case IH Coffee Express 200 Multi coffee harvester.

Versum CVXDrive

The Versum CVXDrive range of tractors provide a new option for mixed farms, dairy operations, contractors and road maintenance operators who require a lightweight 100-130hp model with a continuously-variable transmission.

Previously, the smallest Case IH tractor with CVXDrive transmission was the larger, more heavily-built four-cylinder 116-145hp Maxxum. Fitting between those Maxxum models and the established Luxxum line are the new Versum 100 CVXDrive, 110 CVXDrive, 120 CVXDrive and 130 CVXDrive, each model number indicating the rated horsepower at 2,200rpm engine speed.

Bringing the benefits of Case IH continuously-variable transmission technology lower down the power scale, they feature new styling which matches that of larger Case IH tractors. With premium specifications and compact dimensions, all four models combine big tractor features and comfort in a fuel efficient, manoeuvrable, easy to operate package which offers the benefits of a continuously-variable 40km/h transmission that includes an Active Hold Control feature and Automatic Productivity Management (APM). They also incorporate a closed-centre load-sensing 110 litres/min hydraulic pump and luxury four-pillar cab for full all-round vision and comfortable operation.

Maxxum 150 ActiveDrive 8

The launch of the new six-cylinder 145hp Maxxum 150 ActiveDrive 8 at SIMA completes the very extensive Maxxum series of tractors, which culminates with a new six-cylinder model, the Maxxum 150 Multicontroller.

With a typical weight just above six tonnes, and the same 2,642mm wheelbase and 5,137mm length as four-cylinder Maxxum models, the Maxxum 150 is the lightest, smallest tractor in the industry with a six-cylinder engine of this power output. The 6.7-litre FPT Industrial engine, which meets Stage IV emissions regulations using patented Hi-eSCR selective catalytic reduction, a maintenance-free system with no exhaust gas recirculation, produces a maximum of 175hp at 2,200rpm, with 740Nm of torque at 1,500rpm.

The new model’s ActiveDrive 8 transmission is an eight-step powershift with three ranges, providing a total of 24 forward and 24 reverse ratios. ActiveDrive 8 is the only double-clutch transmission to also feature a creeper range option, which doubles the number of gears to 48  x 48 and provides a minimum ground speed of under 200 m/h.

ActiveDrive 8 offers practically inaudible, progressive gear shifting and an impressively smooth ride. The transmission is unique in being able to transfer power to the wheels without interruption at any field speed between 4 and 18 km/h.. The true power shuttle also ensures no loss of drive or traction during changes of direction on slopes, contributing to safety.

The Maxxum 150 CVX ActiveDrive 8 also features Automatic Productivity Management (APM), which is particularly useful when operating across varying land. By automatically reducing engine speed when it detects that less power is required, APM significantly reduces fuel consumption and operating costs.

AFS Connect / MyCaseIH

The new Case IH AFS Connect™ telematics portal is an entire ecosystem encompassing machines, telematics, data-sharing and apps to assist customers with the day to day management of their business and data. It provides technology/information-driven farmers and agricultural contractors with a visualization of their fleet and agronomic data together with the capability to seamlessly transfer data to trusted partners. The system provides coverage maps, machine locations and notifications, together with agronomic data and data permissions, plus the ability to share data with third-party advisors.

AFS Connect is primarily accessed through MyCaseIH, a new cloud-based platform which will provide customers with fast, convenient single point sign-in to their Case IH account and a single point of contact with all elements of the brand, from equipment and agronomic data to information and resource materials. Currently in the final stages of development, MyCaseIH will be launched later this year.

EZ-Pilot® Pro / AccuGuide MotorDrive

EZ-Pilot® Pro is a high-performance, fully-integrated assisted steering solution which works in conjunction with the Trimble Nav-900 guidance controller and Case IH AFS Pro 700 touch screen display, allowing the operator to monitor and control tractor, implement and auto guidance settings/controls through a single display.

Providing very accurate guidance, to within 2.5cm when using an RTK+ signal, the EZ-Pilot Pro system utilises a steering actuator which is integrated into the steering column for a clutter-free cab and to maximise the space available for the operator. Incorporating a terrain compensation system to maintain accuracy in rough or undulating terrain, the system will operate at forward speeds down to 1.6 km/h, can work at up to 45° to the swath and provides auto guidance for up to 15 seconds when reversing to ensure accurate vehicle placement and implement positioning on the headlands.

Case IH AccuGuide MotorDrive, comprising an AutoPilot™ Motor Drive and Nav-900 guidance controller from Trimble, plus the Case IH AFS Pro 700 touch screen display, also offers very precise guidance but with further benefits. Able to operate at very low speeds down to 300 metres per hour for precision operations, it can operate at up to 90° to the swath, provides auto guidance when travelling backwards and is fully compatible with the Case IH AccuTurn system, which automates the headland turn process and guides tractors accurately into the next chosen pass. Activated at the press of a button, AccuTurn takes control of headland steering to enter the chosen next pass cleanly and accurately.

Coffee Express 200 Multi

Case IH is using SIMA 2019 to launch its new Coffee Express 200 Multi, a new coffee harvester which the company is introducing in the Africa Middle East region.

Incorporating the best technology in this sector, the Coffee Express 200 Multi features a unique hydraulic brake system in the shaker rolls which delivers greater harvesting performance and less damage to the plants compared with any other coffee harvester on the market. This unique system is also exceptionally versatile, allowing producers to choose between selective harvesting of the beans or the entire crop.

Powered by a fuel-efficient, easy-to-maintain engine, the Coffee Express 200 Multi delivers incredible harvesting capacity, from 130 to 150 bags per hour (60-70kg/h), which reduces harvesting costs and increases profitability.


Source: Case IH