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IRIUM SOFTWARE presents the latest evolutions of its CRM!

IRIUM SOFTWARE, specialized software publisher for dealers, importers, rental companies of agricultural machinery, with over 36 years of expertise will present during SIMA the latest innovations in its CRM tools.
CRM is a customer relationship management software. It centralizes every information about customers and prospects as well as all the actions that are linked to them, from the first contact to closing the deal. CRM allows sales force to effectively follow each of its customers and prospects, manage the evolution of the park and its agenda to increase efficiency and optimize sales.

Major advances IRIUM SOFTWARE CRM tool in 2019


In order to allow dealers to gain in efficiency, IRIUM SOFTWARE will present on the SIMA the latest version of its CRM tools to better follow and better know the customers.
Dealers can use this tool to optimize their sales, to involve and motivate their salespeople, to improve the quality of their customer / prospect files (their parks, their managers, their activities) ...
This new version of the CRM module offers to salesmen, sales managers and marketing managers a powerful sales support tool.

Marketing module: exploit the data of your CRM

Thanks to the Marketing module, it will be easier to target in extractions for emailing. Salesmen tasks are automatically generated. When a salesman receives his task in iMob Contact, he can turn them into commercial actions (visits to make, phone calls to pass ...). The Marketing module also permits to manage reminders actions, and thus to have a ROI and a campaign follow-up with the correct number of opportunities.

The new version 4 of iMob Contact (V4)

iMob Contact is a mobile CRM specifically designed for easy use for sellers and dealers on smartphones and / or tablets. Therefore, they have access to the necessary information in the field and can quickly and accurately qualify their clients and prospects. Furthermore, they visualize their stock to sale (new, used, occasions), also without internet connection. The sales manager can follow the activity of his salesmen and the current business on the CRM module.
Overall, the iMob Contact V4 offers a customer a 360 ° view and helps the dealer to improve their brand image and sales.
Among the major developments of the past year: the ordering process was facilitated by MSEXCEL models to generates quotes and business analysis more easily.

The iMob Contact V4 adds new features:

In particular, it allows to manage the tasks sent by the Marketing module. It is also possible to manage expertise actions for the recovery of second-hand equipment. The information is directly transmitted from the tablet to iEnterprise where the second-hand manager will be able to store / value this expertise actions.
This new version is delivered with indicators allowing the salesman on his phone and / or his tablet and / or his computer to follow his performance.
Thanks to the complete and efficient follow-up of the customers and prospects, iMob Contact offers the possibility to target the customers needs and expectations. iMob Contact permits to respond as quickly as possible to the needs and to master all the important elements to act on. It is a real helper to better manage sales force and then increase turnover.