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CECE Mining holds its kick-off meeting in Brussels

Over 30 participants gathered at CECE offices in Brussels
CECE Europe
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Over 30 participants gathered at CECE offices in Brussels


  • CECE Mining, a new Product Group dedicated to the global mining industry, held its inaugural meeting in Brussels, attracting over 30 participants including existing CECE members and new member OEMs.

  • The meeting featured opening remarks by CECE President Jose Antonio Nieto and Albrecht Zuther from VDMA Mining, outlining the year's workplan focused on policy, public affairs, events, and communications.

  • A significant part of the agenda was the Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA), with discussions on guiding its implementation and securing benefits for CECE Mining members, highlighting its importance to the European mining sector.

  • Guest speakers, including Madalina Ivanica from the European Commission and Rolf Kuby of Euromines, provided insights into the CRMA's scope, impact, and implementation, alongside Daniel Cios who discussed research funding opportunities available to members.

  • The meeting also emphasized the integration of new CECE Mining members into the CECE's broader activities, including technical, regulatory work, and market intelligence efforts like the monthly business barometer.

Yesterday, CECE held the first ever meeting of CECE Mining, the new Product Group on mining equipment dedicated to representing suppliers of machinery and technology for the global mining industry. The meeting attracted both existing CECE member OEMs as well as new members, counting over 30 participants at CECE offices in Brussels.


Members were welcomed by CECE President and CEO of Putzmeister Underground Jose Antonio Nieto, with the opening remarks made by Albrecht Zuther, Member of the Board of VDMA Mining. Participants were then presented with the CECE Mining workplan for the year ahead, with activities organised through the topics of policy, public affairs, events and communications. The Critical Raw Materials Act (CRMA) is a crucial aspect of the 2024 agenda, with CECE Mining objectives focusing on guiding CRMA implementation and securing benefits for our members. Alongside these efforts, CECE Mining is also ensuring that it is recognised as an essential part of the mining industry ecosystem.

The meeting additionally welcomed as guest speaker Madalina Ivanica - Deputy Head of Unit, DG Grow, European Commission - who presented an in-depth review of the CRMA, its scope, impact, and implementation. In a clear demonstration of the importance of the CRMA for the European mining industry, the legislation was also the focus of the second guest speaker, Rolf Kuby, Director General of Euromines, the European industry association of mining companies. Guaranteeing an advantageous implementation of the CRMA is a priority for both CECE Mining and Euromines. Finally, the third guest speaker, Daniel Cios – DG Grow, European Commission – provided members with an outline of the research funding opportunities available.

Lastly, with the meeting attended by representatives working for new CECE member OEMs, participants were introduced to the technical and regulatory work undertaken by the CECE policy managers, as well as the CECE market intelligence activities, such as the monthly business barometer. Thoroughly incorporating new CECE Mining members into the existing CECE structure is an important step of this new expansion.

Source: CECE