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Cooperation and jointly promote the agricultural machinery manufacturing projects

Wu Xia Hongmin welcome autumn row level access to Gansu, and briefly introduces the basic situation in the province and the economic and social development in Gansu. He said that although located in the northwest Gansu inland, but rich mineral resources, has a good industrial base; obvious advantages, the ancient Silk Road, the golden section; heavy history and culture, is the birthplace of Chinese civilization. Currently, Gansu is facing a major opportunity for development, the strong momentum of development, has great potential and broad prospects. Especially agricultural development has entered a new stage, the pace of further accelerate the development of modern agriculture. Belarus has a strong agricultural machinery manufacturing, Gansu hope to further strengthen cooperation and jointly promote the construction of agricultural machinery manufacturing cooperation projects, and expand areas of cooperation and achieve mutual benefits.

Wu Qiu Ping, said the Ministry of Belarus will conscientiously implement national industrial strategic cooperation framework agreement with the Gansu Province, actively promote the implementation of bilateral cooperation in agricultural machinery manufacturing, and other projects, and complementary advantages and promote common development.