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Cat skid steer loader to help conserve the Pinghu new level of mechanization

Recently, I follow Pinghu highway management department Conservation Station personnel came to Highway 01, a road surface to eradicate the new loaders are projecting oil, only about less than half a minute of time, put an oil Eradication clean, smooth road a lot.

According to the person in charge of the station, this car is called "Lynx" is the unit of skid-steer loaders to enhance road maintenance efficiency and conservation mechanization, while reducing labor intensity of road maintenance staff of the purchase of new "weapon." The aircraft, although "stature" small but extremely powerful and can be used pavement Sin plane, improving the quality of repair potholes; elimination of bitumen oil; in freezing rain and snow can also be used emergency rescue.

Currently, the aircraft has been officially put into use, compared with the traditional manual work, work efficiency increased by about 10 times.

In order to fully grasp and skilled workers use this new "weapon", Pinghu City, Highway Management Section organized the operator through the study of theory, simulation operations and field exercises a combination of methods to fully understand the components of construction equipment, operational performance, achieve proficiency use and maintenance of science, so that this new "weapon" to effectively play its rightful role in the future of road maintenance work.