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Crane World Asia Places Order for CUSTOMIZED Terex® Tower Cranes

Crane World Asia called on the team at Terex Cranes to manufacture 15 customized flat top tower cranes for the Singapore market. The new Terex® CTT 541-24 flat top tower cranes are explicitly designed for the needs of contractors in Singapore, adhering to government regulations that restrict crane jobs from extending beyond a site’s boundaries.


According to Roger Poon, the director at Crane World Asia, Terex Cranes is a great partner because they can adapt quality cranes for specific regional needs. “The team at Terex listen to their distributors and customers’ needs and are willing to produce customized equipment to meet them. We know our customers appreciate their efforts.”

The Terex CTT 541-24 flat top tower crane has a compact jib that is only 16.5 meters long and a maximum erection height of 55 meters to comply with local regulations. The crane’s load chart has been engineered with input from the team at Crane World Asia, so it can efficiently lift heavy loads into place, including prefabricated bathroom units that can weigh as much as 22 tonnes and are commonly used when constructing residential flats.

In addition, Terex designed the CTT 541-24 crane to us H20 masts, instead of HD23 masts because many Singapore companies already have the smaller sized masts in their equipment inventory. “It’s attention to details like this one that also helps reduce our customers’ expenses,” added Poon. “They don’t have to invest in new masts sections to utilize these new cranes.”

The new Terex CTT 541-24 flat top tower cranes will be delivered soon and are available through Crane World Asia.


Source: Terex Cranes