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CTE increases its production + 73%

A new record: last May, CTE produced 101 aerial platforms

Despite the difficult economic situation that many countries are experiencing in these years, especially in construction, CTE SpA has increased its production for B-Lift, B-Fire, Traccess and Zed brands by 73% last May compared with the same month last 2012.
CTE has produced 101 aerial platforms in a month, and this is a record for the company in this sector in Europe. These first 5 months registered + 36 % than the same time last year with a production of 440 aerial platforms. For the end of this year, CTE will forecast an increase of  + 30% than 2012, remembering that last year the company produced 1000 aerial platforms.
New products presented last year and earlier this year has helped the growth, the truck mounted articulated aerial platforms ZED 23 JH and ZED 20.2 H and HV, representing the CTE aim of increasing the basket capacity to 300 kg at 20-23 m working height.
The turnover achieved was reinforced by considerable foreign sales of B-Lift trucks (telescopic) and Zed (articulated), especially in the Middle East. In Italy are very strong Genie self-propelled platforms and track mounted spiderlifts Traccess, in addition to truck-mounted B-Lift High Range (telescopic).
The signs of rapid recovery of the market in the last period is increasingly strengthening CTE SpA perseverance in finding the right solutions for the global market.
In this sense, the company has presented 4 aerial platforms with the same philosophy, that is the increased capacity: ZED 21 JH, ZED 23 JH, ZED 20.2 H and ZED 20.2 HV. This is the aim to meet the more frequent needs for B license with increased capacity of more than 200 kg, all this in order to have more versatility at work. At last Bauma Exhibition CTE presented also a new type of stabilisation on the truck-mounted platform ZED 20.2 HV, a system that allows to stabilise the machine in some different ways, according to the work needs and to the ground type: straight, fully extended, on the right side or on the left side. More than one option to ensure versatility on all kind of sites. This platform can work with 300 kg of capacity in the 4 different working areas and thanks to the moment limiting device system the platform can work with maximum outreach (9,2 m) also with narrow stabilisation (in vehicle shape).
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Source: Marketing Dept. CTE Spa