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CTE introduces ZED 25 HN and ZED 23.3 JHN: truck mounted platforms on 6 t with narrow jacking stabilization

CTE Europe
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Maximum height and reach performance combined with narrow jacking stabilization and a high basket capacity: these are the main features of the new brand models in the CTE ZED range, set up on the 6t Iveco Daily.


To meet the demands of equipment that offer high productivity on site and in general to access with the maximum perfomances in all work areas with limited space, CTE  has developed the narrow stabilization system "HN" where H stands for "H stabilization", N stands for "narrow".

To make the two models CTE ZED 25 HN and CTE ZED 23.3 JHN more efficient and safe, the well appreciated  S3 system, Smart Stability System , which monitors the position of the boom, stabilizers and weight in the basket to allow maximum performance in absolute safety for the operator is supplied with these new models. Thanks to S3, it is also possible to implement a series of options designed to offer a higher level of safety and make the operator's work even easier, such as Virtual Roof and CTE Connect.

The details of the two models are the following:

CTE ZED 23.3 JHN reaches 23 m of working height, 10 m of outreach and 250 kg of capacity. It features double pantograph + telescopic boom with one extension + jib, and ± 320° turret rotation. The controls are simultaneous electro-hydraulic proportional with acceleration and deceleration ramps for a smoother control of the maneuvers. 4 hydraulic stabilizers with fixed narrow jacking, management of the working area with S3 Smart Stability System. Available as options the Home function, for the automatic closing of the platform at the end of the work assigned and the CTE Connect for remote management of the platform.



CTE ZED 25 HN: 25 m working height, with an outreach of 12 m and a capacity of 250 kg. The design of the boom with double pantograph and telescopic with 2 extensions allows for high reach performances. Also with the CTE ZED 25 HN the controls are simultaneous proportional electro-hydraulic with acceleration and deceleration ramps for a more fluid control of the maneuvers. The configuration of the stabilizers is fixed in shape. Finally, the S3 area management system allows this model to be equipped, as option, with the Home and CTE Connect functions.

Easy to use, versatile, equipped with the latest generation of electronic control systems, CTE ZED 23.3 JHN and ZED 25 HN are the ideal partners for work at height that require maximum  performance in small spaces.

Source: CTE Spa