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DINO News in Bauma 2016

DINO 220XSE – Now with outriggers and radio control


Dinolift Oy is continuing to develop the DINO 220XSE boom lift with some important new features adding to the versatility and ease of use of the machine. The DINO 220XSE is the 22 m working height boom lift that has an extra large-sized basket with 350kg basket capacity to carry more people and tools on the entire working envelope. In addition to being a full scale heavy-duty work platform, the DINO 220XSE boom lift also seconds as a remotely operated telehandler with a lifting capacity of 500 kg. The basket is mounted on the boom with forks that feature a safe, quickrelease mechanism.

The 220XSE boom lift is fitted with an exceptionally large 1.3m x 2.4m basket. It has room for three persons, which enables increased productivity, with good working comfort and ergonomy. The basket dimensions can also hold a full size pallet inside. The two entry gates – one for the operator and the other for a pallet – add to machine versatility and ease-of-use. Boom rotation is continuous and basket rotation 180⁰.

DINO 220XSE - Outriggers

In Bauma the 220XSE on display will be equipped with optional outriggers to enable use of the machine in slopes up to 12°. The outriggers will enable the machine to be levelled to horizontal position when needed. The outriggers are operated from the basket when the machine is used as work platform and by radio control when the machine is used in telehandler mode.

DINO 220XSE - Radio control

The new 220XSE now also comes with a radio control for easier maneuvrability when using the machine in telehandler mode. Radio control enables the operator to be positioned closer to the unloading of the lifted goods, adding to the precise operation of the lifting forks. Also, the operator can lift and move the goods from a safe distance from the machine.

Additional info – DINO 220XSE

Some important safety features on the DINO 220XSE include the intelligent driving system, which allows the operator to always drive the boom lift forward when moving the joystick forward – a clear safety improvement for the operator and the immedate working environment. Further, the 220XSE comes equipped with an electromechanical anti-crushing device to prevent crushing incidents caused by overhead obstacles.

DINO 120TB – The popular 12 m trailer lift now with batteries

Dinolift is adding batteries to the existing 12 m telescopic trailer lift, the new model is called DINO 120TB. The DINO 120TB is a popular lift for rental companies, being reliable in operation, easy to use and simple to maintain. The working cycle of the 120TB with its 2 x 12 V battery pack is easily eight hours. The charger is strong: if batteries are empty and charging starts, the operator is able to resume work directly. In addition to the new battery operated DINO 120TB, the sister model DINO 120T is still available with 230V operation and optional gasoline power pack.

Other DINO machines displayed

In addition to the new machines on display Dinolift will show the lightweight boom lift DINO 240RXT with improved steering and some new options such as a built-in compressor, the DINO 190XTE trailer mounted lift with a spacious basket and increased 250kg basket capacity with a lifting point for loads up to 250kg under the basket. The bestseller DINO 160XTB II with 180° hydraulic basket rotation, automatic levelling and an easy-entry gate is also shown, and the crawler mounted DINO 220XTC II with 180° hydraulic basket rotation and radio control.

Please come and see the DINO range in the open air area on stand 1306/1!