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Equippo Offers Worldwide Free Returns for Construction Equipment

Equippo, online marketplace for used heavy equipment, introduces a full money back guarantee and protects purchasers through the "Jobsite Test Drive" with free worldwide return shipping. The startup revolutionizes the global market for used construction equipment.


The online marketplace Equippo offers used heavy equipment from the US and Europe selling as high as 500,000 US dollars. The new guarantee applies to all orders placed on the platform and gives customers the opportunity to test machines extensively for five days on their jobsite, anywhere in the world. If they are not satisfied customers have the ability to return them for a full refund, even from Africa or South America.

The global market for used heavy equipment was estimated to be over 300 billion* US dollars. But despite the financial incentives of buying used machines, many potential purchasers fear hidden damages or dishonest sellers.

All machines are inspected by independent experts so potential buyers know exactly in which technical shape the machine is. This quality standard facilitates the "Jobsite Test Drive", which enriches the transparency in an analogue market.

Equippo-founder Michael Rohmeder says: "There are many black sheep in this industry. We are making online-trade with used construction equipment transparent, simple and safe. All machines undergo strict technical inspections. Our money back guarantee is reducing the buyer's risks immensely."