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ERA Convention 2021 – Guest Speaker announced!

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ERA Annual Convention 2019 - Summary

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The 15thERA Convention will be held on 29 and 30 September in Amsterdam, at the Postillion Hotel. The topic of the Convention will be “Smart Rental”.


ERA is very pleased to announce that Dr. Henning Beck will be the Guest Speaker of the 2021 ERA Convention and will deliver us his lecture on 30 September, just before Pierre Boels, President of the Association, closes the Convention.

Dr. Henning Beck, neuroscientist and author, supports businesses to use brain-based approaches in order to develop innovative and efficient workflows. Until 2014, he worked for start-ups in the San Francisco Bay Area to develop creative workspace designs and advanced communication styles based on neuroscientific principles. Today, he continues to deliver recent scientific advancements in his books and publishes regularly in the GEO-science magazine and the business magazine WirtschaftsWoche, thereby links neuroscience to daily life. He has a genuine approach to feature science in a catchy and compelling way.

Depending on the COVID-19 restrictions, ERA expects between 200 and 300 participants, rental companies’ CEOs and Directors, equipment manufacturers and other service providers of ‎the equipment rental business, mostly from Europe but also from other continents‎, to the Convention.

The registration to the Convention is open on our website,, where you will also find the full programme of the Convention as well as opportunity descriptions for table-top exhibition and sponsorship.

Source: European Rental Association (ERA)